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Another Early Sign of Worldcon

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The incomparable Valerie has informed me that she has begun her search for restaurants in San Antonio (as well as in not-too-distant Austin, destination site for a side trip while we’re in Texas). As you may already know, Bob, my wife trained as a professional chef and while for me the Worldcon is all about the business and joy of being an author, for her it’s an excuse to drag me out for fine dining.

Similarly, while I’m waiting to get my participant schedule to figure out where I need to be and when, Valerie is waiting to learn what time to make the dinner reservations.

I last visited San Antonio nearly thirty years ago for a psychological research convention (I was co-author of a paper my major professor was presenting). As a struggling grad student I wasn’t in a position to explore any of the city’s restaurants. I’m expecting to make that up, with a vengeance!

Authors Eating Elsewhere

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For those of you who simply cannot wait around until Monday for the next installment of Eating Authors here on this blog, you need not suffer yourself any further withdrawal.

Author, Poet, Digital Media Maven, and all around fun person to hang out with, Fran Wilde has been interviewing authors about food in a series of essays she calls “Cooking the Books.” As something of a Thanksgiving treat, the fine folks at Strange Horizons have posted Fran’s roundtable discussion involving Elizabeth Bear, Gregory Frost, Nalo Hopkinson, and Scott Lynch. There’s even a Klingon reference, so you know it’s good stuff!

So, what are you waiting for? Click that link right now and enjoy the fun!

Barbecue and Hypnosis

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I’m researching barbecue for a new novella I’m writing about my stage hypnotist protagonist, the Amazing Conroy.

At this stage we’re looking at barbecue made using bison (yes, that’s buffalo*, but not buffalito!) and quite possibly thoats as well.

If any of you have thoughts and experiences involving barbecue — in any of its many forms — I’d welcome a comment. Thanks.

*I will probably taking a tour of a bison ranch some time next month, as additional research.

A Movie, A Meal, A Reading, and Another Meal

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Today was originally scheduled to be a “date night” for Valerie and me. Nothing fancy, just dinner and a movie. But that sort of got bumped because of the Reading that I’m doing tonight for the Philadelphia Fantastic Authors and Editors Series. Except then I discovered that I had today off from the Day Job, so “date night” became “date day” and in just a little bit, we’ll be heading out for lunch and a movie. Then we’ll drive into town for the reading at the Moonstone Arts Center, which in turn will be followed by dinner with the fine folks who showed up to listen to me read.

In other news, Spring has come to Blue Bell. To the right is a picture I took earlier this week of the miniature pear tree in the back yard. It appears to be quite happy. Pretty.

Gotta run, sushi waits for no man! Hope to see some of you at the reading tonight.

Buffalito Congtingency

Blue Bell Workshop

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I won’t be heading up to Boston this weekend. Instead, beginning Friday afternoon, I’ll be hosting a small writers’ retreat in my home. Five other writers are coming in (some are flying in, from as far away as California) and we’ll be doing a series of critiques and novel plotting sessions.
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Fine Dining 20110129

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the Farmhouse

Like many of us, I wear a lot of hats. In addition to the Day Job, I’m a writer. And a publisher. And then there’s that whole Klingon thing that also takes up time. Finding time to spend with my wife was getting harder and harder.
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