A Movie, A Meal, A Reading, and Another Meal

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Today was originally scheduled to be a “date night” for Valerie and me. Nothing fancy, just dinner and a movie. But that sort of got bumped because of the Reading that I’m doing tonight for the Philadelphia Fantastic Authors and Editors Series. Except then I discovered that I had today off from the Day Job, so “date night” became “date day” and in just a little bit, we’ll be heading out for lunch and a movie. Then we’ll drive into town for the reading at the Moonstone Arts Center, which in turn will be followed by dinner with the fine folks who showed up to listen to me read.

In other news, Spring has come to Blue Bell. To the right is a picture I took earlier this week of the miniature pear tree in the back yard. It appears to be quite happy. Pretty.

Gotta run, sushi waits for no man! Hope to see some of you at the reading tonight.

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