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Named individuals who show up in the works.
Glen Andrews Andrews

A Wada Corp executive vice president in charge of resource acquisition. [Buf]


Leo Baskins

A Philadelphia native and friend of Conroy. [Buf]



A guard of the Aztec hotel. [BD]



A Coptic Babbleist cabby who drove Conroy to El Paso, Tx. [BD]



* entry needed * [BC].


Calinda (aka the Baroness Parmaq)

A Traken noblewoman who pursues a romantic entanglement with Conroy. [TIn]



A GAEA agent who sustained a lacerated arm kidnapping Reggie. [BD]


Captain Coelacanth

A ‘husk’ and captain of the doomed smartship Kubla Khan. [Req]


Amadeus Colson

A pioneering explorer from Earth, Colson founded a portal far beyond the range possible for sub-light travel, thereby establishing the outward most edge of Human Space. Happy to have the boundary recognized by other races of the galaxy, Earth’s governing bodies chose not to question how Colson had accomplished the impossible, and agreed to recognize his claim on the sole planet, “Colson’s World,” orbiting the star near his portal. [BaT].


Angela “Gel” Colson

* entry needed * [BaT].


Bethany Colson

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Conroy (aka The Amazing Conroy)

The main character in the ‘Conroyverse’ series of short stories and novels. He is a former stage hypnotist turned-CEO mega billionaire-turned fugitive on the run-
turned stage hypnotist once more. Known simply as Conroy and never addressed
by his full name, he went from rags to riches after breaking the Arconi monopoly on the Buffalo Dog trade, and later became a hunted fugitive as a result. He has saved the world at least once. [Dog]


Miguel Garcia Delgado

Mexican pilot and sandwich-maker extraordinaire. [BD]


Carla Espinoza

A human security guard hypnotized by Conroy into believing she was a buffalo dog. [Dog]



A teenager from Lancaster, PA who sold Conroy his pickup for 41,000 credits. [BD]


Feleso Kester

A Veng of the Rectilinear Pearl rist, he was a volunteer in one of Conroy’s shows. See also Lelko Vin.[BC].


Supervisor Geofp

* entry needed * [BC].


the Elder Glarp

* entry needed * [BC].


Glarp Lewilocus, aka the Younger Glarp

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An Arcturan. [BD]


LeftJohn Mocker

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Ken Jensen

An Employee of the Wada Consortium. [Dog]



A GAEA agent who lost two fingers kidnapping Reggie. [BD]


Jolosol Vebs

A Veng of the Iridescent Polygon, he was a volunteer in one of Conroy’s shows. See also Kelbo Fagonst. [BC].


Kelbo Fagonst

The false identity worn by Jolosol Vebs during one of Conroy’s shows. [BC].


Dmitri Komstant

A former European sculpter whose arms were ripped off by Gregor Ivanovich Skazititski. [Buf]



* entry needed * [BC].


Kwarum Sivtinzi Lapalla

A member of a “pebbly” alien species called the Svenkali. [Req]


Lelko Vin

The false identity worn by Feleso Kester during one of Conroy’s shows. [BC].



An Arcturan bonded pair, one half of a quad, formed by the merging of Hreshtil and Librittah. [BD]



An Arcturan. [BD]



A male Arconi working in law enforcement on Gibrahl. [Dog]



A former security chief for the Wada consortium, now working for Conroy. [Buf]


Matthew Miles

Human, a police chief on Brunzibar. [Tin]


LeftJohn Mocker

Human poker player with a Double Coltrane rating from the Probability Guild. The Mocker is a full blooded Comanche and possesses an artificial left eye that he received after sustaining various injuries “back in The War.” He is a very close friend of Conroy and the two have a long history of covering one another’s backs.


Arlen Montgomery

A double agent working for both the FBI and GAEA. He died falling into a volcano. [BD]


Lord Ramilon Nerkt

A Traken noble and former love interest of Calinda. He was the CEO of Trakus Industries. [TIn]


Spencer Novato

The wealthiest human on Brunzibar. [TIn]


Elizabeth Penrose

Description: Female, Human, Asian, young, short. Multiple identities, each brilliant, with variations in hair style, dress, and vocal mannerisms. [Buf].

When Conroy first meets Miss Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Penrose, she is the clipboard carrying assistant to Wada Corp exec Glenn Andrews Andrews. As the story goes on he ‘meets’ her sisters Lisa, & Bess. (triplets?)

It isn’t until later on that the reader figures out that Penrose suffers from multiple personality disorder. At least five ‘sisters’ are mentioned by name, and there are others.

Elizabeth: Sneaky. Handles Conroy’s business affairs. Described as smart, pragmatic would walk away if the stakes were too high. A Lawyer. Only Betsy calls Conroy ‘boss’. In her own mind, she is 29, blonde and on the board of Regents for the University of Washington. She has a tattoo of a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that circles her left wrist. It slowly becomes visible when she is in control of Penrose though some psychosomatic quirk of multiple identities. At the end of the novel Buffalito Destiny, Conroy has signed over all rights to his company Buffalogic Inc to her.

Lisa: Smart. Psychologist, Behavioral Scientist, not a clinician, buffalo dog specialist. Has panic attacks under stress. Degrees in behavioral psychology and deontology. Speaks in a light Irish trill and wears her hair ties up off her neck.

Bess: Practical. Handles all the high stress jobs. A trouble shooter and problem solver. Describes herself as being the eldest, and says she is more than twice Conroy’s age. Age 83. Only comes to see Conroy at dawn. In the five years since first meeting Penrose, Conroy has had at least four dawn meeting with Bess. She is a harbinger of bad news. Bess has a white cane, and is blind, lost her sight due to cataracts decades before her other personalities had even been born. Doesn’t use a first name or a title, preferring to be addressed as Penrose. Likes things ‘just so’. Scares the crap out of Conroy. None of her other personalities like her, and at least two of them are afraid of her. Always speaks quickly and simply.

Eliza: Idealistic. Excited, unbridled enthusiasm. Wears ridiculously heeled shoes. Sixteen years old, and acts it. A systems biologist, and the shyest of the personalities. She’s the only Penrose that can loom over Conroy’s desk, despite the fact that he makes her nervous somehow. (school-girl crush?)

Elly: Angry. Scowls and shouts insults at Conroy. Always enters his office without knocking. Doesn’t work for Conroy, and hates him for monopolizing her and her ‘sisters’. Want’s out. Doesn’t care much for Bess either, calls her a bitch. Rants and Rages and slams doors. Elly is responsible for leaking the whereabouts of the breeders and their fertile buffalito pups to the Arconi, who in turn seize the animals and effectively shut down Buffalogic Inc.



A gangly, yellow alien slit pupils (like a cat); a bartender on planet Hesnarj. When Conroy became marooned after the smartship disaster, Rarst gave him a job. [Req]


Kaljor Rus

A Taurian. [BD]



Guard of the Aztec hotel. [BD]



A fat, male Arcon, who is a major fan of the Amazing Conroy. [Dog]



A female Svenkali. [Req]


Gregor Ivanovich Skazititski

A butcher (both figuratively and literally) as well as a dream tracker. Gregor is from Russia. [Buf]


Angela St Croix

Tour guide for Maya world tours. [BD]



* entry needed * [BC].


Donald Swanseye

Mega billionaire, friend of Conroy. [Req]


Hallovesht Funedap Swlekti (aka Hallo)

A deceased Svenkali. Friend and former teacher of Kwarum Sivtinzi Lapalla, who perished over 30,000 years ago, but whose essence can be recalled by fellow Svenkali.


Chieko Tanaka

Wife of Hiro Tanaka, and member of GAEA. [BD]


Hiro Tanaka

Husband of Chieko Tanaka, and member of GAEA. [BD]


Charlemagne Thomas

Manager of the Aztec lounge and casino in El Paso, Tx. [BD]


Seljor Thu

a Taurian. [MaH]



* entry needed * [BC].


Fiona Katherine St Vincent Wyndmoor

Conroy’s great aunt, a former missionary who was the inspiration for him to venture out into space. [Req]


Chancellor Annaran Vishto

A Traken noble. [TIn]


Elfdar Yar

A Taurian. [BD]



A Clarkeson. [BD]