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Anything that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the categories.

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The Consortium of Aligned Technologies

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Licensed Surrogagte

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Liquid Gravity

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Lithic ichthus

A species of silicon-based fish native to the planet Bwill. Hard as corundum and ugly as sin, this fish is considered a delicacy by the planet’s natives, interplanetary food critics, and offworld foodies. [YeT]



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A Glamorkan constructed language that dates back to the start of their planetary diaspora.


Trigger Phrases

Conroy almost always inserts a two-word trigger phrase when he hypnotizes someone, a combination that is exceedingly unlikely to occur in casual conversation. He typically creates a unique phrase for each individual, using the name of a mythical deity and a flavor.

Calinda – Pistachio Isis [TIn]

Angela Colson – Janus Banana [BaT]

Ken Jensen РJalape̱o Osiris [Dog]

Left-John Mocker – Coyote Rhubarb [MaH]
and again – Cayenne Gilgamesh [BD]

Rhine – Hestia Ambrosia [YeT]

Donald Swanseye – Ganesha Hazelnut [Req]

Triggers Conroy has used on himself:

Spumoni Heimdahl [Dog]
Quetzacoatl Persimmon [Buf]
Raspberry Gong De Tian [Dog]
Obàtálá Butter Pecan [BD]