The universe of the Amazing Conroy (aka the “Conroyverse”) unofficially began in 2001 with the publication of “Buffalo Dogs,” the story that first introduced a near future, down-on-his-luck stage-hypnotist and Reggie, the omnivorous, oxy-flatulent alien animal with the appearance of an adorable miniature American bison. Other short stories (and novelettes, and novels!) have followed, and while I’ve made heroic attempts to ensure that each individual tale can stand alone, more than a few readers have remarked that keeping the ever-growing cast of characters, locations, flavors of telepathy, and exotic aliens straight has become quite the task.

The solution is the Conroyverse Index, a set of pages with content provided by fans of Conroy and Reggie, relatively spoiler-free, and the closest thing there is to a scorecard so you can tell who all the players are.

The pages of the index consist of:

Fiction: titles and summaries of the works relevant to the Conroy universe.

Aliens: descriptions and details of the extra-terrestrials in the Conroyverse.

Characters: named individuals who show up in the works.

Places: planets and other locales visited in the works.

Stuff: everything else doesn’t fit neatly into any of the preceding categories.

Timeline: what happened and when it happened.

Additions: contribute new stubs and/or items.