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Descriptions and details of the extra-terrestrials in the Conroyverse.

A humanoid alien race. They have a psychic ability to discern the truth, and have a swift justice system. They are incapable of lying. They are tall and thin, with whitish skin that ranges in shade from eggshell to ecru. Their hair is a blue black color like that of a comic book superhero. (First appearance: [Dog]).



Native sapients of the planet Bwill. These alien fisherfolk have an ironic avoidance of bathing that has them banned from offworld travel due to their offensive body odor. Humanoid, slightly shorter than the average human, with skin color that ranges from sunset red to crayon orange. Other distinguishing features include thorny toenails (noticeable because they’re invariably barefoot), and craggy complexions that smooth in old age. [YeT]



Described as being covered from crown to heel by a dark, otterish pelt, members of this alien race have webbed hands, a whiskered nose, and tiny aural flaps where human ears would be. [YeT]



No description given.



A race of alien colony creatures, taking on a humanoid form. They have raspberry colored hair and fish-belly complexions. Their ‘clothing’ is actually a group of the colony that decided to appear in that fashion as a committee. The overall look resembles that of a circus clown. (First appearance: [Req]).



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an alien race possessing an intense religious aversion to hypnosis, gambling, spicy foods, and percussion instruments, but only during odd-numbered months. (First appearance: [BD], page 194).



* entry needed * [Buf]



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* entry needed * (First appearance: [BC])



* entry needed * (First appearance: [BaT])



A “pebbly” alien species that posses the unique ability to summon up the ‘spirit’ of any deceased member of their species that have ever existed at will. (First appearance: [Req]).



An alien race resembling the mythical Minotaur, having a bull-like head on a roughly humanoid body. They have been known to dress in the manner of a Spanish Matador, obviously as an attempt at humor. (First appearance: [MaH]).



Humanoid aliens who are ‘third cousins’ to humans. They possess a telepathic ability to make others do their bidding. (First appearance: [TIn]).