Conroyverse > Timeline

What happened when in the Conroyverse.

Fiona Katherine St. Vincent Wyndmoor is born.



End of Mayan Calendar, and Humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrials.



Mexico shocks the world by outlawing most alien races from inside its borders.



Amadeus Colson defines one edge of Human Space.



The “Great Texas Temporal Disaster” – a Physics experiment at a Waco university goes awry, creating areas of slowed time.



Texas loses its statehood and is removed from the United States of America.



Left-John Mocker is born of Comanche parents in Okla- homa.



Conroy is born!



Fiona Katherine St. Vincent Wyndmoor dies and, against her family’s wishes, is buried on Hesnarj.



Conroy is marooned on Hesnarj and takes up hypnosis.



Conroy meets Left-John Mocker at the Aztec in El Paso, Texas.

Kwarum Sivtinzi Lapalla dies, never to be named by any living Svenkali.



Conroy steals a fertile buffalo dog off Gibrahl and sets up Buffalogic, Inc.

Gel acquires Barry.



Left-John Mocker wins the Extra-Solar Poker Classic Tournament.

Buffalogic, Inc. lends its support to an archaeological dig near the Martian city of Seroni.



Conroy performs at a club and reminisces about how he became a hypnotist.

Conroy helps Dr. Gajaratna, an unwilling telepath, to deal with his unwanted abilitiy.



Conroy visits Brunzibar and falls in love with the Baroness Parmaq.

Left-John Mocker wins a quarter share of the Golden Turtle Palace in Newer Jersey.



Conroy plays “matter” with Seljor Thu, aka Digger, a telepathic Taurian.



Conroy and the Mocker travel to an arcology on Triton.

Green Aggression begins its attack on Buffalogic, Inc.



Conroy turns himself in to the Arconi.



Conroy meets Svetlana Villanova. Also Billi. And a Celestial.



Conroy returns to Colson’s Planet.


The Chronology of the Conroyverse.
0.1 – “Buffalo Dogs”

Conroy becomes a smuggler First appearance of Reggie.


0.2 – “Buffalogenesis”

first appearance of Dr. Penrose


0.3 – “Barry’s Tale”

Conroy must save a child from destruction. First appearance of Gel.


0.4 – “A Buffalito of Mars”

Conroy and Reggie travel to Mars to resolve a customer’s problems.


0.6 – “Requium”

The origin story. Or how the Amazing Conroy became Amazing. First appearance of Kwarum.


0.7 – “Telepathic Intent”

Conroy falls in love with the Baroness Parmaq and is framed for murder.


0.8 – “Matter at Hand”

Conroy puts his company on the line in a game of telepathic poker.


0.9 – “Yesterday’s Taste”

A famous chef’s identity has been erased and replaced. Can Conroy regress him to his earlier self and recover a fabled recipe?


1.0 – Buffalito Destiny

Conroy battles ecological terrorists and telepathic dreams, all while pursuing his destiny.


1.5 – “Trial of the Century”

Conroy surrenders himself to Arconi justice to save Reggie.


2.0 – Buffalito Contingency

First appearance of Svetlana and Billi. First acknowledged appearance of the Celestial.