Welcome to My Freebies Page


Bit by bit, I’m taking my short fiction (most of which is long since out of print) and converting them into one-dollar ebooks that I make available on Amazon.com (mobi files) and BN.com (ePub files).

Before that happens though, I’ll put them up here as a free download. In a perfect world, I’ll first post to my blog to let folks know when something new is available. Most freebies will remain free for a month or so.

Current Freebie

Kindle (mobi) | Nook (ePub)

The current Freebie is an early story and one of my few efforts at writing violent and dark. “Bugjuice” is near-future SF with a little neurophysiology and my prediction of what the lovechild of the pharmaceutical industry and the IT community will look like. What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for with coolness.

To see what was once free and is now available for a buck, click on this link and check out the block labeled “Short Stories.”