Another Early Sign of Worldcon

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The incomparable Valerie has informed me that she has begun her search for restaurants in San Antonio (as well as in not-too-distant Austin, destination site for a side trip while we’re in Texas). As you may already know, Bob, my wife trained as a professional chef and while for me the Worldcon is all about the business and joy of being an author, for her it’s an excuse to drag me out for fine dining.

Similarly, while I’m waiting to get my participant schedule to figure out where I need to be and when, Valerie is waiting to learn what time to make the dinner reservations.

I last visited San Antonio nearly thirty years ago for a psychological research convention (I was co-author of a paper my major professor was presenting). As a struggling grad student I wasn’t in a position to explore any of the city’s restaurants. I’m expecting to make that up, with a vengeance!

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