Eating Authors: Edward M. Lerner

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Edward M. Lerner

Earlier this month I attended one of my favorite conventions, Capclave, where among other incredible things I was on a panel with this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Edward M. Lerner. As the panel’s moderator, Ed had the unenviable task of both keeping me on topic and telling me to shut up and let other people talk. He did both of these so well that I immediately invited him to come here and tell you about his most memorable meal. But before we get to that, a bit more about the man behind meal:

Ed writes both short fiction and long, everything from traditional SF to near-future technothrillers. He brings three decades of experience in aerospace and related high-tech industry to his writing and this probably goes a long way to explaining his nominations for the Locus, Prometheus, and Hugo awards. Last year he took home the first Canopus Award “honoring excellence in interstellar writing” for his novel InterstellarNet: Enigma. And of course, you’ve likely seen his name on the popular Fleet of Worlds series that he co-wrote with Larry Niven, because, seriously, Ringworld!

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Eating Authors: Susan Dennard

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Susan Dennard

I first met this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest last January at the amazing Michigan convention known as ConFusion. Tor Books had arranged a mass signing — some ten authors strong — at a nearby bookstore. I was a part of it, along with folks like Tom Doyle and Cherie Priest, Wesley Chu and John Scalzi. But we quickly discovered that 90% of the hordes of readers and fans who had come out were there for Susan Dennard (most of the remaining 10% were there for Victoria Schwab), all of them armed with copies of one or more volumes from her Something Strange and Deadly series as well as Truthwitch that had come out just days before.

After the signing and back at the convention I had a chance to chat with her and found her to be absolutely delightful. When I got home I read some of her work and found the same spirit and personality came through there too. If you’re not familiar with her books, here’s my endorsement. And if that doesn’t convince you to give her a read, maybe her meal will do the trick.

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Eating Authors: Amber Bird

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Amber Bird

One of the things I did this past summer was fly to Indiana and participate in the Writer’s [sic] Symposium at GenCon. It was great fun and allowed me to hang out with some old friends and make some new ones. One of the new was Melanie Meadors, who earned my instant goodwill by running a roast of my editor. Flash forward a couple months and I get an email from Melanie telling me about a new author, Amber Bird. It seems Amber has a new book coming out from a small press, and could I find it in my heart to offer her a spot on EATING AUTHORS.

I had to admit that I didn’t know the name — actually didn’t know a thing about her — but I was open to the idea and as most readers here know I do like to champion small presses when I can. So I told her that if she’d send me an ARC of the forthcoming book I’d try to take a look. If I liked the book, then sure, I’d make room in the schedule and give her a slot.

And lo, here we are. Amber’s new novel, Peace Fire — book one of a proposed Peaceforgers series — debuts tomorrow from Barycentre Press. I still don’t know much about Amber Bird, other than to tell you that she’s in a band. And yes, she was the model for the “Elves of Deep Shadow” Magic: The Gathering card. And also that she can write an enjoyable book.

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Eating Authors: Jamie Lackey

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Jamie Lackey

I met this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest in Kansas City back in August. There I was, up at the crack of 8:30, participating in the WorldCon’s “Stroll with the Stars” as I like to do. About two-thirds of the way through the route I noticed two women in front of me, chatting as they walked. The one on the left had a t-shirt with some superlative on the back (sorry don’t recall what now) that referenced whatever was on the front and I realized it was going to make me crazy if I didn’t find out what was on the other side. So I said “excuse me,” brazenly interrupting their conversation, apologizing for my rudeness, and explaining that I was the t-shirt variant of earwormed (or something like that).

The issue was quickly defused — I think it was a shirt for a local pizza place, but again, it’s a blur — and the three of us started talking about more traditional convention-type things. Which is how I learned that one of them, Jamie Lackey, was a novelist and her first book, Left-Hand Gods, had come out just the month before from my old publisher Hadley Rille Books.

Like many of the authors featured here, Jamie studied under the legendary James Gunn. She’s written more than a hundred short works in horror, science fiction, and fantasy (and check out her zombie post-apocalyptic novella, Moving Forward). But our usual focus here is novels, so let’s get back to her debut. It’s a fantasy adventure involving magic and handedness. Kudos, Jamie, for a marketing ploy that will get all the lefties picking up a copy!

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Eating Authors: Brooke Johnson

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Brooke Johnson

At this summer’s 74th annual World Science Fiction Convention (aka MidAmeriCon II), I kicked off my schedule with a panel early on the afternoon of the first day. It’s a timeslot that doesn’t come with high expectations. A lot of people haven’t arrived yet, and most of those who have are still checking into their hotels or waiting in line to pick up their badges or register. So imagine my surprise when that first panel was packed, literally standing room only.

There were only three of us on the panel. The big draw of course was our moderator, Melinda Snodgrass. The third member of our panel was this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Brooke Johnson. After hearing her speak, I knew I had to have her come by and talk about her most memorable meal.

The Brass Giant, the first novel in her Chroniker City series, came out last year, and was quickly followed by a novella. The next work and second novel in the series, The Guild Conspiracy, came out in ebook last month, and in a mass market paperback edition last week. It’s clockwork engineers and airships and the threat of war. What more do you need?

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My 2016 Capclave Schedule

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After a year of far too much travel, things are finally winding down and the remaining stops on my convention schedule are much closer to home and familiar. Next up is Capclave, just down the road a couple hours in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

In addition to the panels and other items. listed below, please note that I’ll be at the awards presentation on Saturday night. Two of the authors up for the WSFS award this year, Beth Cato and Leona Wisoker, were nominated for stories from the anthology Cats in Space, edited by Elektra Hammond and published by Paper Golem. Neither of these authors can attend, and so it will fall to me to accept on their behalf. A happy chore indeed.

Friday, October 7th
8:00 – 8:55 p.m. | Rockville/ Potomac | An Animal World
Animal protagonists need to be a mix of animal nature and human level intelligence, not just people in animal suits. The panel will discuss the joys and pitfalls of working with these characters.
with Alan Loewen (M), Mike McPhail, Bernie Mojzes, and Michelle D. Sonnier

Saturday, October 9th
12:00 – 12:25 a.m. | Seneca | Reading
If everyone in the room has already read Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard, I’ll read — for the first time anywhere — the opening chapter or two from the sequel!

12:30 – 12:55 a.m. | Author’s hallway table | Author Table
I’ll be putting in some time showing off some of the things I’ve written and/or published. This is a narrow window in which to pick up some classic Paper Golem titles.

2:00 – 2:55 p.m. | Rockville/ Potomac | Writing Gadgets Well
How do you work technology into your story without boring the reader? You want to make your “inventions” believable, but how much is too much?
with Barbara Krasnoff, Edward M. Lerner, and Darcy Wold

3:00 – 3:55 p.m. | Salon A | World Creation and Maintenance
Authors are gods when it comes to world creation. The panelists will discuss not only how they create a world, but also how it can grow, especially if the story is part of a series.
with Ann Chatham, Sarah Beth Durst, and Victoria Janssen

7:30 – 8:25 p.m. | Salon A | Mass Autograph Session
I’ll be sitting at a table somewhere, with paper name tent in front of me, waiting to sign all the things. Please come by with your share.

8:30 – 10:00 p.m. | Salon A | WSFA Small Press Award
Come join the convention in honoring both short fiction and small presses. Lots of honorable mentions and someone wins the prize. All things being equal, there’s a 2 in 9 chance I’ll be reading someone’s acceptance speech!

I have really been looking forward to this convention. Low key, good conversation, and some truly wonderful Peruvian food.

See you in Gaithersburg!

Eating Authors: Erica L. Satifka

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Erica L. Satifka

It’s a bit of a blur (as so much of my memory is), but I think I first met this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Erica L. Satifka, at a Capclave. Or maybe it was the Nebulas in 2011 or 2012, or possibly in 2014 at World Fantasy. So, okay, I’m not clear on the date or the precise venue, but I’m pretty sure it was in the greater D.C. area. She and her husband, Rob, still lived in Pennsylvania at the time (they’ve since relocated to Oregon), and Erica was publishing short fiction in places like Shimmer Magazine, and Clarkesworld, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. I remember it was late, and we sat in a bar-adjacent section of the hotel and talked shop while I ate some truly forgettable bar-menu dinner. What did stick in my mind was the impression of “hey, these are good people.”

Time does its thing, and we stumble into one another in Kansas City at MidAmeriCon II. Erica mentions that a little over a month ago Apex Publications released her first novel, Stay Crazy. High fives all around! I love celebrating the success of other writers, and a first novel is a real benchmark moment. It also seemed like the perfect time to invite her to drop by this blog, and lo, here she is now.

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Eating Authors: Mary A. Turzillo

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Mary Turzillo

This is an odd week for me. In a few days time I’m flying off to Vilnius, Lithuania to be the GoH at Lituanicon XXVII. Such an historic departure seemed like a good time to do things a bit differently here on EATING AUTHORS where the guests have been almost exclusively novelists.

In that spirit, allow me to introduce you to Mary Turzillo, former English professor, a Nebula Award winning short story writer, and poet extraordinaire. Her collection of poems, Your Cat & Other Space Aliens, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and her latest collection, Lovers & Killers, won the Elgin award. Her poems have also been nominated for the Stoker and Rhysling Awards (the latter, twice!). And finally, please, don’t be intimidated by the mixer blades she’s holding in the photo above, she’s referencing a point that she’ll explain in a moment, not threatening you (or even me). Promise.

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