Eating Authors: Judith Tarr

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Judith Tarr

I’m posting this week’s EATING AUTHORS from the road. I’m in southern California visiting family, and so it’s quite possible that I screwed up the scheduling with respect to the time zones. So don’t be surprised if this shows up three hours early, three hours late, or just right. However it happens, my guest this week is none other than famed author and equestrian, Judith Tarr.

You probably know her from her Avaryan Chronicles series, The Hound and the Falcon trilogy, her the White Magic series (written under the name Caitlin Brennan), the War of the Rose series (written as Kathleen Bryan), and more than a dozen other novels including collaborations with folks like Harry Turtledove, Jane Yolen, and S. M. Stirling.

Judith is a professional medievalist, used to teach Latin, and now breeds and trains Lipizzan horses. Her fiction has been nominated for the World Fantasy, Locus, and Sturgeon awards, and won the William Crawford award. Her latest work is Dragons in the Earth, available from the fine folks at Book View Cafe.

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Eating Authors: Renee Carter Hall

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Renee Carter Hall

My last convention of 2016 (though not my last author appearance) took place over the weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday at Philcon and among other delights, I found myself scheduled for a panel on Alien Language that had me sitting alongside Samuel “Chip” Delany — whose 1966, Nebula award-wining novel Babel-17, which I read probably read around 1972, was in large part responsible for sparking my interest in language and linguistics. So, yeah, a really nice weekend!

More recently in my career, the worldbuilding for Barsk (and its in-progress sequel) has had me reading more anthropomorphic work by other authors, including this week’s EATING AUTHOR guest, Renee Carter Hall. And for good reason. Renee’s earliest writing credit goes back to eighth grade as the co-author of a fan story that in one of the impossible Hollywood happenings ended up on the small screen as an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures (bonus points if you remember Buster and Babs). With an great origin story like that, she clearly had no choice but to become an author of anthropomorphic fiction.

Renee — known to many in the furry community as Poetigress — is comfortable writing both long and short forms. She’s been nominated for the Cóyotl Award six times, winning it four times (twice in the same year), for short story, novella, and novel. If you’re a traditional genre reader looking to expand your repertoire to more talking animals, Renee’s range of work is a great place to start.

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Eating Authors: Mishell Baker

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Mishell Baker

Online venues like Twitter and Facebook allow me an expanded community of authors whom I’ve never met, nor have much expectation to. Now and then, some international conference or convention provides an exception to that, as is the case with this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Mishell Baker.

We’d been trading tweets and I discovered she basically lives in my old stomping grounds in southern California. That led to more conversation and eventually an invitation to be a guest here. She sent in the meal below many weeks ago and it’s been working its way up the calendar. Meanwhile, we were both in Columbus, Ohio last month for World Fantasy and we shared a meal and wiled away several very enjoyable hours together. And in a hotel dedicated to Pepsi product, she graciously provided me with a bottle of Diet Coke!

Mishell writes strictly fantasy. She’s a Clarion graduate and has placed short stories with several of the list of well known magazines. Back in March, Saga Press published Borderline , the first volume of The Arcadia Project series, which features a protagonist who’s a double-amputee with borderline personality disorder and works with a secret border patrol responsible for the flow of traffic between our world and a magical one right next door. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “That? Again?” The sequel, Phantom Pains is coming your way next March. Go read the first and put in your order for the second.

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My Tentative Philcon 2016 Schedule

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Apparently there’s a programming schedule viewable online for this year’s Philcon. I only found out about this because another author let me know that I’m on it (which I expected, though I’ve still not heard a peep from the con about my actual schedule). But, that’s the last bit of complaining you’ll likely hear from me on the topic because I’ve been given a truly wonderful schedule. And here it is:

Saturday, November 19th
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | Crystal Ballroom Three | Writing For Aliens: Constructing Languages
with Nathan Lilly (mod), James L. Cambias, Barry B. Longyear, Kathleen Bragg, Samuel R. Delany

12:00 p.m. – 01:00 p.m. | Executive Suite 623 | Readings: C. J. Cherryh & Lawrence M. Schoen
So this year the convention is grouping readings in twos. I’ve been paired with Principal Speaker, C. J. Cherryh. And yes, that sound you just heard is my head exploding. She reads at noon, and I’ll go on at 12:30 (or whenever she says I can). Oh, and I’ll be reading an early chapter from the BARSquel.
with C. J. Cherryh

1:00 p.m. – 200 p.m.| Autograph Table | Signing
I’ll be sitting alongside Larry Hodges. He’s Larry. I’m Lawrence. Get it right.
with Larry Hodges

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. | Plaza II | Generating a Balonium Field: Pseudoscience in SF Storytelling
While we like to keep real science as accurate as possible, sometimes it’s necessary for a writer to just make things up. How do you do so in a way that sits well with your readers?
with John Ashmead (mod), Earl Bennett, Lawrence Kramer, Joan Wendland

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. | Executive Suite 823 | Launch Party
Danielle Ackley-McPhail (aka the Queen of Launch Parties) is throwing a bash to celebrate the release of The Best of Defending the Future. There will be food, readings, food, signings, food, and who knows what other kinds of distraction. Oh, and you can buy books too, count on it.
with many many talented authors from the series

I’ll likely also be around for a bit on Friday afternoon and evening, and likely not on Sunday. I’ve got to get back to work on the BARSquel

Eating Authors: Rick Wilber

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Rick Wilber

I first met this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest at a hotel in Albuquerque, NM this past spring. I’d flown in the day before to get a leg up on the altitude and Rick Wilber was swinging by to give me a ride north up and to the community of Angel Fire where we were both participating in the Rio Hondo writers’ retreat. Despite my having no interest in the sport of baseball (if I can say that this week, having been born in Chicago) and Rick having a love for the game that is unrivaled in my experience (which he comes by naturally, as the son of professional baseball player, Del Wilber), we got along pretty well. We ended up sharing a condo (with David D. Levine) for a week, as well as more than a few meals.

I always like hanging out with other folks who have done time in the professorial trenches. Rick was generous with his time and experience in this writing business, both during formal critique sessions and after hours just hanging out. I’m very grateful for the experience, and no doubt a better writer as a result.

Rick’s probably best known for his many short story sales and his win of the Sidewise award. He’s also an anthologist, a poet, and a novelist. Naturally, when I learned he had a new book coming out (I’m referring of course to Alien Mornin) tomorrow, I invited him to come on by, ostensibly to share the tale of his most memorable meal.

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Eating Authors: Sharon Joss

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Sharon Joss

If you’re reading this when it posts on Monday, then know that for the previous four days I’ve been away in Columbus, Ohio attending the 2016 World Fantasy Convention, which despite more than its share of early trouble turned out to be a really fine event and I take back all the snarky things I may have said or implied about Ohio. Seriously. But having just returned from WFC is as good a segue as I need to introduce this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Sharon Joss, who has dropped by to regale you with her most memorable meal, cuz, that’s what we do here.

Sharon’s probably known to you as the author of the Hand of Fate series of fantasy novels, but she also writes science fiction and horror novels, as well as short stories (and won the 2015 Writers of the Future Golden Pen Award).

She resides in Oregon, and I’m beginning to suspect there’s some authorial zeitgeist that is responsible for more and more genre writers taking up resident there. Perhaps I should succumb and move there too. Or at least couch surf from home to home of all the people I know there.

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Eating Authors: Edward M. Lerner

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Edward M. Lerner

Earlier this month I attended one of my favorite conventions, Capclave, where among other incredible things I was on a panel with this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Edward M. Lerner. As the panel’s moderator, Ed had the unenviable task of both keeping me on topic and telling me to shut up and let other people talk. He did both of these so well that I immediately invited him to come here and tell you about his most memorable meal. But before we get to that, a bit more about the man behind meal:

Ed writes both short fiction and long, everything from traditional SF to near-future technothrillers. He brings three decades of experience in aerospace and related high-tech industry to his writing and this probably goes a long way to explaining his nominations for the Locus, Prometheus, and Hugo awards. Last year he took home the first Canopus Award “honoring excellence in interstellar writing” for his novel InterstellarNet: Enigma. And of course, you’ve likely seen his name on the popular Fleet of Worlds series that he co-wrote with Larry Niven, because, seriously, Ringworld!

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Eating Authors: Susan Dennard

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Susan Dennard

I first met this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest last January at the amazing Michigan convention known as ConFusion. Tor Books had arranged a mass signing — some ten authors strong — at a nearby bookstore. I was a part of it, along with folks like Tom Doyle and Cherie Priest, Wesley Chu and John Scalzi. But we quickly discovered that 90% of the hordes of readers and fans who had come out were there for Susan Dennard (most of the remaining 10% were there for Victoria Schwab), all of them armed with copies of one or more volumes from her Something Strange and Deadly series as well as Truthwitch that had come out just days before.

After the signing and back at the convention I had a chance to chat with her and found her to be absolutely delightful. When I got home I read some of her work and found the same spirit and personality came through there too. If you’re not familiar with her books, here’s my endorsement. And if that doesn’t convince you to give her a read, maybe her meal will do the trick.

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