Eating Authors: Sarah Gailey (Campbell Award nominee)

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Sarah Gailey

The Hugo finalists were announced this month, which of course means I immediately began scrambling to continue this blog’s time honored tradition of contacting all the nominees for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer — something I’ve done for seven years now — and invite them to share the telling of their most memorable meal. And, as sometimes happens, one of this year’s nominees, Ada Palmer, has already been here (last May, in fact). I’m still waiting to hear back from nominees J. Mulrooney and Laurie Penny and I hope they can spare the time for us all. Nominees Malka Older and Kelly Robson have already responded to my queries and will be featured here over the next few Mondays (with a possible break for another author with a debut novel), but we start with today’s EATING AUTHOR guest, Sarah Gailey.

You’re more likely to know here for her nonfiction — she’s a frequent essayist for and a past nominee for the Best Related Work Hugo Award — but that’s probably going to change when River of Teeth comes out next month. And check out her website where you’ll find links to a wide assortment of her shorter fiction.

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Eating Authors: Dan Koboldt

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Dan Koboldt

Here on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA, it appears that spring has finally sprung. The snow has melted, the daylight hours are lengthening and albeit it reluctantly the temperatures are averaging a bit warmer.

Along with the annual season of rebirth and renewal, I’m taking better care of myself. I’ve gone more than a month now without drinking any Diet Coke™ (or similar beverages, as opposed to my daily habit of a gallon or more) or consuming any fried chicken (which used to be my default lunch, four to six times a week). My intake of land-based protein overall has dwindled to almost nothing. Instead I’m eating lots of seafood and vegetables. So, look for changes when next you see me.

Meanwhile, here at EATING AUTHORS we’ve got Dan Koboldt today. He’s a genetics researcher (which I think is really cool), but that’s not what caught my attention. Rather, it’s because the protagonist of his Gateways to Alissia series is a stage magician working in Vegas. As I’ve dedicated a million or so words to my own stage performer protagonist, I feel a certain kinship to Dan. Please note, this is not a prerequisite to enjoying his work.

Dan’s second book, The Island Deception, comes out tomorrow from Harper Voyager Impulse. And while what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, what happens when you cross through a dimensional portal is another story altogether. But don’t take my word for it, go pick up a copy of the book.

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Eating Authors: Kat Howard

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Kat Howard

I just returned from a glorious weekend at Albacon, where my friend, the erudite Chuck Gannon was the GoH, and I had the delightful task of serving as his Roast Master. The timing was particularly good, as Sunday was also Doctoral Day, the personal holiday I observe to mark the successful defense of my dissertation thirty years ago. I mention this because as you’ll soon discover, it’s relevant to Kat Howard‘s most memorable meal, and she is this week’s guest here at EATING AUTHORS.

I can’t tell you much about Kat. Among the things we have in common are that we were both born in Chicago and have both been college professors. That — along with her obvious culinary taste — may be the extent of our similarities, but it’s a promising foundation I think.

Kat’s been nominated for the World Fantasy Award for short fiction, and last year branched out to novels with the release of Roses and Rot. Her next book is a fantasy thriller set in New York City. Look for An Unkindness of Magicians in early autumn, or save yourself the trouble and just pre-order it today.

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My 2017 Albacon Schedule

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March has gotten away from me and is almost out the door. But before it’s completely gone, I’ll be taking a roadtrip up to Albacon where my friend, Chuck Gannon is the Guest of Honor. It’s been a few since I’ve been to this convention (the last time I was there it was still being held in October!) and I’m looking forward to a weekend with friends and colleagues. Oh yeah, I’m the convention’s designated “RoastMaster” so I’ve got that going for me.

Here’s my schedule for those of you who wish to find me.

Friday, March 31st
8:00 – 8:55 p.m. | Colonie | Ice Cream Social
I’ve been off most dairy (and sugar and flour and land-based proteins) for the past four weeks. So come by and watch me get a sugar rush like I haven’t experienced since childhood!

Saturday, April 1st
3:00 – 3:25 p.m. | Hotel Bar | Reading
If everyone there has already read Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard, I’ll read a snippet from the opening of the sequel (now sitting on my editor’s desk).

4:00 – 4:55 p.m. | Hotel Lobby| Signing
This is your chance to come by and have me sign all the things! And too, I’ll have a few copies of Bars on hand, in case you’ve forgotten to bring one of your own.
with Ryk E. Spoor

8:00 – 8:55 p.m. | Colonie | Charles Gannon Roast
The convention asked me to write the appreciation of Chuck for the program book. Now I have to repudiate all the nice things I said there.
with Alex Shvartsman and Ken Burnside

Sunday, April 2nd
10:00 – 10:55 a.m. | Colonie | Tales of the Less-than-Consolidated Tech Republic
Contributors to the forthcoming Consolidated Tech Republic Anthology will discuss working in Charles Gannon’s world.
with Charles Gannon, Alex Shvartsman, and Robert E. Waters

As you can see, I am not heavily programmed. So look for me in the bar. Better yet, invite me out for a meal!

See you in Albany.

Eating Authors: Curtis C. Chen

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Curtis C. Chen

As you know, Bob, I joined the SFWA Board of Directors back on July 1st. It’s good work and I’m proud to be a part of the organization. I mention it because this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Curtis C. Chen (陳致宇), just ran unopposed for the position of Secretary, giving him a seat on the Board. He’ll be stepping into some big shoes to fill as he steps into the job currently held by Canadian author and three-time Prix Aurora Award finalist, Susan Forest. But now that I’ve learned about his most memorable meal, I’m especiallylooking forward to working alongside him.

His debut novel,Waypoint Kangaroo, is that wonderful blend of fast-paced spy thriller and smartass science fiction. It came out last year, and you should go read it now because the sequel, Kangaroo Too comes out in June.

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Eating Authors: Yoon Ha Lee

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Yoon Ha Lee

As I write this, it’s been more than two weeks since I’ve had either diet cola or fried chicken. This may not seem especially noteworthy to you, but as I typically consumed about a gallon of soda a day, and ate fried chicken at least five days out of every week, it’s pretty huge. I miss both a bit, but I don’t crave them. Go figure. Instead I’ve been eating more vegetables, fish, and shellfish. All of these changes have been making me look more closely at upcoming EATING AUTHORS installments, including this week’s guest, Yoon Ha Lee‘s meal, and asking myself “hey, can I even eat that now?”

Speaking of Yoon, you should recall his name from his many incredible short stories, which have garnered him multiple nominations for the Sturgeon award, the Locus award, and the WSFA Small Press award. More recently, his first novel Ninefox Gambit — the first volume of his Machineries of Empire series — has been nominated for the Nebula.

There’s an intelligence to his writing, a sense of order that likely either reflects his background in mathematics — he has a Masters in secondary mathematics education from Stanford — or goes back even further and stems from the same source that led him to pursue a mathematics degree at Cornell.

Yoon Ha Lee and I have never met, but I’m hoping to correct that in May during the Nebula Conference, preferably over a fine meal. I hope he likes seafood.

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Today is the deadline for Hugo nominations. I spent most of 2016 traveling promoting Barsk so I have no fiction out there for your consideration.


If you’ve enjoyed my weekly blog series, EATING AUTHORS, well then this would be your chance to throw a Hugo nom toward it.

I believe the series, EATING AUTHORS, is eligible in the Best Fanzine category.

And too, that I am therefore eligible in the Best Best Fan Writer category.

I’ve been sharing the results of pestering authors about their most memorable meals every Monday since June 6th, 2011 (with only two exceptions), giving you a peek into the live and minds of world famous writers and brand new authors, because it’s been a vehicle for “paying it forward” too.

So, with that in mind, if you’ve an open slot on your Hugo ballot in either or both categories (and so many of you do!) then please, do your part to either get me a new paperweight for my desk or send me to the Hugo Losers Party in Helsinki. Either way, thanks.

And remember, the deadline to make (or make changes to) your nominations is today, 17 March 2017 at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time (2:59am Eastern Daylight Time, 06:59 Greenwich Mean Time, 08:59 in Finland, all on 18 March).

Eating Authors: Kevin Wohler

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Kevin Wohler

If you’re reading this Monday morning, please know that I am in a state of quantum indeterminacy, which is to say I should be flying home from Vancouver, Canada on a red eye flight that left the west coast on Sunday just before midnight and doesn’t deliver me to Philadelphia until nearly noon today. Of course if you’re reading this after twelve o’clock then someone has already opened the door and knows the health of the cat.

Regular readers of my blog will know that at the beginning of the month I embarked on a dietary journey into the unknown, declaring my new allegiance as a pescetarian. It’s going okay so far, but I mention it now because this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Kevin Wohler, is here to tell you about a revelatory experience involving seafood, and I can relate.

Kevin is the author of The Alchemist’s Notebook, the first book in The Village Alchemist series. The sequel, The Alchemist’s Stone, should be coming your way this spring.

There’s not much else I know to tell you about Kevin. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, but I don’t hold that against him as I don’t know whether or not he attended KU (I did my grad work at rival school KSU in Manhattan, Kansas) so I’ll just pretend he lives in a city that bears my name. But I’m warning you, Kevin, if I find out you’re secretly a Jayhawk, it’s on!

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