The Universe of Barsk

Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard
(2015 Nebula Award Finalist, 2015 Cóyotl Award Winner)

The Moons of Barsk
(2018 Cóyotl Award Winner)

Excerpts of Jorl ben Tral

Soup of the Moment
(2020 Cóyotl Award Finalist)

The Amazing Conroy

Buffalito Bundle
(includes “Yesterday’s Taste,” 2011 WSFA Small Press Award Finalist)

Barry’s Tale
(2012 Nebula Award Finalist)

Calendrical Regression
(2014 Nebula Award Finalist)

Barry’s Deal
(2017 Nebula Award Finalist)

Buffalito Destiny

Trial of the Century
(2013 Nebula Award Finalist)

Buffalito Contingency

Command Performance
(The Amazing Conroy Omnibus)

Freelance Courier

Ace of Corpses

Ace of Saints

Ace of Thralls

Pizza in Space

Slice of Entropy

Pirates of Sol

Pirates of Marz

Seeds of War (with Jonathan Brazee)


Scorched Earth

Bitter Harvest

Adrenaline Rush (with Brian Thorne)

Fight or Flight

Alien Thrill Seeker

Anger Management

Coming Soon!
The Demon Codex (with Brian Thorne)


Creature Academy: Cautionary Poems of Public Education

Sweet Potato Pie and other stories

The Rule of Three and other stories

Openings without Closure

Eating Authors: One Hundred Writers’ Most Memorable Meals