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Another Early Sign of Worldcon

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The incomparable Valerie has informed me that she has begun her search for restaurants in San Antonio (as well as in not-too-distant Austin, destination site for a side trip while we’re in Texas). As you may already know, Bob, my wife trained as a professional chef and while for me the Worldcon is all about the business and joy of being an author, for her it’s an excuse to drag me out for fine dining.

Similarly, while I’m waiting to get my participant schedule to figure out where I need to be and when, Valerie is waiting to learn what time to make the dinner reservations.

I last visited San Antonio nearly thirty years ago for a psychological research convention (I was co-author of a paper my major professor was presenting). As a struggling grad student I wasn’t in a position to explore any of the city’s restaurants. I’m expecting to make that up, with a vengeance!

Into Darkness

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I had to go into work at the DayJob early today, which meant that I left early too. So, when I returned home I asked Valerie if she wanted to go out to dinner tonight. One thing led to another, and we turned it into a proper and impromptu “date night” and went off for dinner and a movie.

All of which is prelude to explaining that I have no finally seen Star Trek Into Darkness.

I quite enjoyed the film. Especially that bonus scene after the credits when the bridge crew were all eating shwarma.

Winding down another Sunday

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Valerie and I are home after another Sunday “date night.” She usually works on Sundays, and so we’ve gotten into the habit of my driving out to KoP and picking her up as her shift ends and then heading over to Seasons 52 for dinner. A bit pricey, but the food is always excellent and healthy for us, and incredibly it’s one of the few places where we’re both really happy to dine.

Today’s dinner ran a bit early as Valerie’s shift was cut a couple hours short. Also, I had to drop off my computer at the Apple store (conveniently downstairs from V’s shop) to get a new battery installed. The work was done while we were off at dinner and now the device is as good as new. Well, as new as a three-year old MacBook can be — I have my eye on a lovely 11″ MacAir, but that’s another story (which I need to tell to my accountant).

Anyway, we’re back home and the evening is winding down. This week is done and next week promises to be a whirlwind of daily appointments, doctor visits, project juggling, air travel, and conventioning. Woo!

Fortunately, tomorrow’s installment of EATING AUTHORS is already done. But that may be the only sign of me on this blog next week.

“Have you tried that new mexican restaurant?…”

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In the back of my mind is a joke from WKRP In Cincinnati that has someone asking that question, setting up Les Nessman to respond with something like “The last time I ate at a New Mexican restaurant I was in Albuquerque.”


Valerie and I are toying with the notion of moving to New Mexico. Some folks have recommended Truth or Consequences and others have suggested Albuquerque.

I thought I’d open it up for discussion, since the internet if chock full of varied views just waiting to be expressed (and also because I seem to be awake at 4:00am).


Happy Anniversary to me!

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Today marks the seventh year in a row where I’ve woken up, turned to my wife, and thanked her for not killing me in my sleep. Yes, that’s right, it’s my wedding anniversary today. According to some sources, it’s all about copper and wool and desk sets. I really don’t know what any of that means, but I do know that I’m truly blessed for having Valerie in my life, and if any of you ever find me forgetting that, do feel free to kick me in the ass.

Saturday in the Library

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Yesterday, as I tend to do on every Saturday, I headed off to enjoy a Chinese Buffet brunch and a good book. I stopped on my way out of the house to snap this photograph of Valerie enjoying a sunny read in our library, bracketed by dogs. That’s Gej of course on her right, and her own dog, Sugar, nestled on her left.

And yes, my wife does have purple hair!

Valerie and Dogs

Hooray for Wednesday!

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It’s going to be a busy day, but a good one.

For one thing, I have a Compliance Hot Line call waiting for my attention (and I’ll deal with it as soon as I start work at the DayJob in a few miutes).

After work I need to stop by the Home Depot and pick up a new toilet seat, go home, and install it (actually, really easy to do).

I have a nice piece of basa that I’ll bake for dinner tonight.

Then there’s the first part of a two part webinar on hyposis that I’ll be attending.

But the real reason I’m cheering about today is because my wife returns home this evening. She’s been gone since Monday morning of last week, and I miss her very very much.

No doubt the dogs do too.