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This is Fifty-four

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Another year has ended. It’s been a pretty good one, all in all. But this next one… it is going to be beyond anything I have ever known. Some things have happened that I can’t quite go public with (probably in another week or so), but it’s fair to say that my entire life will be changed.

So do make a point to drop in and visit from time to time, as I’m going to have some great stories to tell. Oh my, yes!

I’m spending the day away (though not far) from home. In addition to being my birthday, today is the third and final full day of the Klingon Language Institute’s 20th annual conference, what we call the qep’a’ cha’maHDIch. Its been incredibly fun and tiring. We’ll round off the festivities tonight with a pizza party and cabaret (in Klingon, of course), which will go on into the wee hours of the morning. Check out time at our hotel is noon on Sunday, and by then we will scatter to the winds for another year.

Meanwhile, on th =e west coast, my friend Jay Lake is hosting his own wake. I’m sorry I can’t be there to share in the celebration of his life, but I’ve written up a little something for the book that is being presented to him today. If I had one birthday wish, it would be to give Jay more time, but that doesn’t appear to be likely to happen. We saw one another last in May at the Nebula Awards weekend, at which time I presented him with his own plush buffalito (whom Jay immediately named Harry).

Lake and Schoen, Nebs 2013

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go prepare for a day of discussions and wordplay in a fictional alien language. Highlights today will include a field trip to an area historical site, massive amounts of singing, and our version of the classic game show, Password, all in Klingon, of course.

Gej Turns Four!

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Forty-four years ago today, men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. I was a week shy of my tenth birthday.

Four years ago today, my dog Gej was born. Half Pug, Half Maltese, the story we were told was that some Pennsylvania Puppy Mill had been trying to create a new “designer breed.” They were not happy with the result and the fine folks at the Delaware Puppy Rescue acquired him. Some weeks later, he came home with me, restoring that brand of joy to my life that only a dog can bring.

Many of the people in my community of science fiction fans and professionals will be marking the anniversary of the moon landing today, and it’s well and good that they do. But I choose to celebrate the birth of my dog, and in recognition of Gej turning four years old, we both went out and got groomed.

Gej and me - Before
Gej and me - After

And so, in the spirit of pictures, or it didn’t happen, here are the before and after shots taken at the pet groomer’s.

I’ll point out that while Gej’s treatment cost more than twice mine, my barber did not include a full wash and dry, nor did she trim my nails, nor offer to shave my butt. Then again, today is Gej’s birthday, not mine.

We finished off our trip to the groomer by picking up Gej’s present, a double-boned, bacon-flavored, Nylabone DuraChew. Gej appears to like it very much.

Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Hadley Rille turns seven!

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Today marks the seventh anniversary of small press publisher Hadley Rille Books.

I mention this, in part, because HRB is my publisher, and recently brought out my fourth book.

I mention this, in part, because the man behind HRB, Eric T. Reynolds, has generously opted to mark this anniversary by having a week-long, ninety-nine cent sale for all HRB ebooks!

Okay, you know what to do now, right?

Another Friday

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It’s another Friday, but marked more than most.

For most of the world, today marks the start of the Olympic games. Like many, I’m turned off by the financial tumult the games bring to the hose nation, by the sheer mercantilism and nonsense of it all. I don’t like the whole “how many medals have we won attitude that I see on television (and the linguist in me really wishes that English differentiated between inclusive and exclusive first person plural pronouns, but alas). On the other hand, I do enjoy seeing some of the performances, the tangible/visual results of dedication of will and time and passion. That part is extraordinary.

For a smaller group of people, today marks a “choice point” in terms of quantum mechanical many worlds theorists who happen to subscribe to the fictional intentions of the ReDeus anthology that debuts next week. That universe begins today, a universe in which all the gods of every culture come back to resume their rightful places as objects of worship. Of course, you have to wait a week for the book, but oh well.

And, on a smaller and more intimate level, today marks my 53rd birthday. I’m spending the day quietly. I got up, did a bit of work, sent a few emails. I went to the gym, pushed myself a bit more than usual, and that was good. Then I went off and ate Chinese food, and that was good too. I’ve started in on another of the finalists that I’m reading for the Endeavor Award, and I’m enjoying the book (also a good thing). Having returned home from brunch, I’m doing laundry (eh, not so much a good as a necessary thing) and I’ll be doing some more work on a Paper Golem project as the day wears on.

I haven’t talked about it here, partly because I always worry of being one of those people who end up talking rather than doing, but since I came back from a Klingon gig in the Spring I’ve been a bit more careful about what and how much I eat, as well as improving my exercise regimin. I’m happy to report that I’ve dropped about 15 pounds and I feel great. In fact, I’m probably healthier now than I was a year ago.

There’s still a lot of stress in my work life, but I’ve become more philosophical about it and I’m not letting it get to me as much, and that’s a huge improvement. On the writing and publishing ends of thing, I find my creative powers are booming and I’m feeling more productive than I have in quite a while. So, yeah, yeah me.

My wife is happy and healthy, my dog is a source of delight. I have plenty of people in my life who are generous with their time and creativity and intelligence.

So, to the extent that I’m celebrating my birthday today, I’m doing so by acknowledging once more what a truly blessed life I enjoy, and giving thanks to the people who make it so. If you’d like to join in, go have a piece of cake, on me.

Happy Birthday, Gej!

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Today is Gej’s birthday. I’ve tried to explain it to him, but he seems uninterested. Of course, this may change later tonight when he gets treats. And a new toy. And more treats.

Then too, he may sulk anyway because he’s also bound for the groomer’s in just a few minutes, and while he’s happy to be free of knots and matts, he’s not wild about the process that gets him there.

Here’s a photo of him this morning. As you can see, he’s one desperately shaggy pup.

Sad Gej

It’s a wonderful thing having a dog in your life. I highly recommend it to you it all.

Happy 11th, Howard!

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Today is Howard Tayler’s eleventh birthday.

To the casual eye, Howard looks forty-something, but unless your calendrically-challenged, you’ll have recalled that today is February 29th, aka Leap Day, and so while Howard may actually be forty-four years old, it’s still only his eleventh birthday.

I share this with you because

a) the alternative was to go all Gilbert & Sullivan on your ass.
b) Howard’s a cool guy, and you should get to know him and his work.

What work is that you ask? Why Schlock Mercenary, of course. The daily, space opera comic that’s been running for years now, is always being nominated for the Hugo Award, and is consistently charming and entertaining.

So, if you don’t already know about this comic, Howard’s birthday is the perfect excuse to wander over to the site and immerse yourself.

And while you’re there, wish him a happy birthday. Eleven is such an awkward age.

Happy 67, George!

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Brad Altman, Lawrence Schoen, George Takei

Today is George Takei’s 67th birthday.

Over the years, I have had the great good fortune to run into George. Highlights include snorkeling with him and others as part of a day trip off the coast of Bermuda, an early celebration dinner for his upcoming wedding back in 2008 (that’s when we took the photo at right with me, George, and his groom, Brad Altman), and last year when Valerie and I went down to Roslyn, VA for the Washington Shakespeare Company’s night of Shakespeare in Klingon.

Actor, Political Activist, and all around Fine Human Being, George is one of the good ones.

qoSlIj yItIv, George!

We’re Made of Meat! (with apologies to Terry Bisson)

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My friend Adam had a birthday this past week. Although Valerie and I spent much time with both him and his wife, Lesley*, last weekend, enjoying their company on the drive to and from Lunacon, that time was (let’s face it) all about me! Tonight, to celebrate his birthday, the four of us will head off to the Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in Philadelphia where we will consume vast quantities of MEAT!

For one not unreasonable price, we will be encouraged to eat unlimited amounts of:

Leg of Lamb, Baby Top Sirloin, Beef Ribs, Chicken with Bacon, Filet Mignon, Flank Steak, Lamb Chops, Top Sirloin, Pork Loin with Parmesan, Pork Ribs, Ribeye, Salmon, Sausage

They also have a vast salad bar with traditional fixings as well as speciality salads. And finally an assortment of desserts (what exactly is Walnut Cream?), but seriously, we’re going for the MEAT!

As you might imagine, I am foregoing my usual Saturday Chinese buffet brunch today. We have reservations for Meat-a-Palooza at 5:30pm.

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Top Sirloin Leg of Lamb Beef Ribs

*my deepest apologies to Lesley, whose name I had misspelled in the original version of this post.