Happy 11th, Howard!

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Today is Howard Tayler’s eleventh birthday.

To the casual eye, Howard looks forty-something, but unless your calendrically-challenged, you’ll have recalled that today is February 29th, aka Leap Day, and so while Howard may actually be forty-four years old, it’s still only his eleventh birthday.

I share this with you because

a) the alternative was to go all Gilbert & Sullivan on your ass.
b) Howard’s a cool guy, and you should get to know him and his work.

What work is that you ask? Why Schlock Mercenary, of course. The daily, space opera comic that’s been running for years now, is always being nominated for the Hugo Award, and is consistently charming and entertaining.

So, if you don’t already know about this comic, Howard’s birthday is the perfect excuse to wander over to the site and immerse yourself.

And while you’re there, wish him a happy birthday. Eleven is such an awkward age.


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