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Dogs are the best medicine!

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As has been documented here before, Gej is the sort of dog who likes to sleep near the foot of the bed (preferably laying on someone’s legs). He made an exception for a while last night — quite possibly because I’ve been flu-ish — and snugged up against me, falling asleep with his head on my shoulder.

In return, I took him for a long walk earlier today. Mind you, we have a vet appointment later this afternoon and a grooming visit scheduled for tomorrow.

Tucked In Gej

Gej Turns Four!

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Forty-four years ago today, men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. I was a week shy of my tenth birthday.

Four years ago today, my dog Gej was born. Half Pug, Half Maltese, the story we were told was that some Pennsylvania Puppy Mill had been trying to create a new “designer breed.” They were not happy with the result and the fine folks at the Delaware Puppy Rescue acquired him. Some weeks later, he came home with me, restoring that brand of joy to my life that only a dog can bring.

Many of the people in my community of science fiction fans and professionals will be marking the anniversary of the moon landing today, and it’s well and good that they do. But I choose to celebrate the birth of my dog, and in recognition of Gej turning four years old, we both went out and got groomed.

Gej and me - Before
Gej and me - After

And so, in the spirit of pictures, or it didn’t happen, here are the before and after shots taken at the pet groomer’s.

I’ll point out that while Gej’s treatment cost more than twice mine, my barber did not include a full wash and dry, nor did she trim my nails, nor offer to shave my butt. Then again, today is Gej’s birthday, not mine.

We finished off our trip to the groomer by picking up Gej’s present, a double-boned, bacon-flavored, Nylabone DuraChew. Gej appears to like it very much.

Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Too hot for man and dog

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Autumn Gej

My wife and I arrived home early Tuesday morning, and as is the way with redeye flights we were so wiped out that we spent most of Tuesday sleeping. So it goes.

Northern California had wonderful weather while we were there, but the temperatures in Philadelphia had apparently been climbing. Yesterday, it got downright unpleasant with a high that breached 90 degrees and more humidity than I care for.

No worries, we thought, just stay inside and bask in the A/C. Except… last winter we had been having some problems with the system and replaced the thermostat. Yesterday when we went to turn on the A/C for the first time, well, it didn’t come on.

It was too late to call the repair people (believe me, we tried). We just had to suck it up, open some windows, and pray for a cross breeze. It was less than ideal sleeping weather, and my dog agreed. Normally he stays at the foot of the bed, but in his own heat-related discomfort he decided he might be better off sleeping on my pillow and alongside my head instead. Of course he quickly discovered that I was just another source of heat and fled, but he lingered long enough for this photo.

The repairs occurred earlier today and despite the temperature and humidity outside, the house is now delightful inside. Mind you, I’m leaving on an early morning flight to Kansas City tomorrow, and for all I know my dog sleeps on my pillow when I’m gone.

Brisk Autumn Morning

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Autumn Gej

The temperature dipped down the other morning, into the mid-30s.

I don’t know about you, but I always sleep better in colder weather. Sounder and deeper. There’s something very restful about being buried under a massive pile of blankets and down comforters and all the rest.

My dog, on the other hand, does not like being under the covers. Fortunately, we’ve managed to work it out.


This is what happens when you have digital cameras built into phones.

Happy Birthday, Gej!

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Today is Gej’s birthday. I’ve tried to explain it to him, but he seems uninterested. Of course, this may change later tonight when he gets treats. And a new toy. And more treats.

Then too, he may sulk anyway because he’s also bound for the groomer’s in just a few minutes, and while he’s happy to be free of knots and matts, he’s not wild about the process that gets him there.

Here’s a photo of him this morning. As you can see, he’s one desperately shaggy pup.

Sad Gej

It’s a wonderful thing having a dog in your life. I highly recommend it to you it all.

Saturday in the Library

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Yesterday, as I tend to do on every Saturday, I headed off to enjoy a Chinese Buffet brunch and a good book. I stopped on my way out of the house to snap this photograph of Valerie enjoying a sunny read in our library, bracketed by dogs. That’s Gej of course on her right, and her own dog, Sugar, nestled on her left.

And yes, my wife does have purple hair!

Valerie and Dogs

2012 Winter Grooming (and the demise of the alien invasion)

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Valerie returned home last night after more than a week away.

Here’s how my dog, Gej, looked a few days after she left:

Sad Gej

Now, personally, I really like the shaggy look, particularly the way you can’t quite see his eyes.

But… his fur does tend to get matted.

Then there’s the problem that tiny aliens — who just happen to look like twigs and burrs — from a generation-ship that crash-landed in the yard have been using their canine-specific mind-control beams to trick Gej into helping them gain access to the house. Once inside, they direct him to travel from room to room, then leap off him and attempt to colonize. It’s insidious!

So before Valerie returned I made arrangements to take him to the groomer for “the works” and here is the result:

Sad Gej

He’s always a little bit surly and unhappy right when he comes back from the groomer, but some quality time with belly rubs will put him back in good spirits.

Now I just have to vacuum up the last of those alien invaders.

Gej is not in Canada

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Valerie and I are in Toronto, enjoying a brief, post-recovery getaway, to be quickly followed by the joys of SFContario.

Not surprisingly, we had to leave Gej at home.

He’s probably sitting on the steps, moping, and doing his best to look pathetic.

Or that’s what he wants me to think.

But I know for a fact that he loves the house-sitter madly, and that she’s playing with him and giving him rubbies and telling him he’s a good boy (even when he’s not).

So stop with the guilt-inducing face, boy! It’s not working.

Well… Okay, maybe it’s working a little.

Sad Gej