Gej Turns Four!

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Forty-four years ago today, men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. I was a week shy of my tenth birthday.

Four years ago today, my dog Gej was born. Half Pug, Half Maltese, the story we were told was that some Pennsylvania Puppy Mill had been trying to create a new “designer breed.” They were not happy with the result and the fine folks at the Delaware Puppy Rescue acquired him. Some weeks later, he came home with me, restoring that brand of joy to my life that only a dog can bring.

Many of the people in my community of science fiction fans and professionals will be marking the anniversary of the moon landing today, and it’s well and good that they do. But I choose to celebrate the birth of my dog, and in recognition of Gej turning four years old, we both went out and got groomed.

Gej and me - Before
Gej and me - After

And so, in the spirit of pictures, or it didn’t happen, here are the before and after shots taken at the pet groomer’s.

I’ll point out that while Gej’s treatment cost more than twice mine, my barber did not include a full wash and dry, nor did she trim my nails, nor offer to shave my butt. Then again, today is Gej’s birthday, not mine.

We finished off our trip to the groomer by picking up Gej’s present, a double-boned, bacon-flavored, Nylabone DuraChew. Gej appears to like it very much.

Sigh. They grow up so fast.

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