“Have you tried that new mexican restaurant?…”

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In the back of my mind is a joke from WKRP In Cincinnati that has someone asking that question, setting up Les Nessman to respond with something like “The last time I ate at a New Mexican restaurant I was in Albuquerque.”


Valerie and I are toying with the notion of moving to New Mexico. Some folks have recommended Truth or Consequences and others have suggested Albuquerque.

I thought I’d open it up for discussion, since the internet if chock full of varied views just waiting to be expressed (and also because I seem to be awake at 4:00am).


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One Response to ““Have you tried that new mexican restaurant?…””

Never been to TorC, but ABQ is okay — our friends have lived there for years, and we used to go down and visit when we were stationed in Colorado. (The Balloon Fiesta is awesome.) If you head that way, let me know and I can put you in touch. Santa Fe is also nice. Good luck!

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