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Why I’m voting for Helsinki, Finland

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There is a lot of discussion going on throughout the science fiction and fantasy community regarding the upcoming vote to determine what city will win the opportunity to host the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention.

You can find plenty of people (both involved in the bids and not) who will offer you a range of reasons, justifications, and explanations for why to choose one site over the other.

The one piece that I’ve not seen elsewhere is a particular comment about language. Simply, I’d like to hear some Finnish.

I know, I know, that’s not a very compelling reason, and sure, I live in a major US city and could doubtless find someone here to take to lunch and chat with in that language.

But that’s not it. I want to talk to them in the language we share, the language of science fiction. Finnish is just gravy on top of that, and while both Spokane and Orlando have their charms, they lack that gravy.

So, Finland, I hope I get the excuse to come see you soon. And in the meantime, I want to return the favor. Here’a link to the Buffalito World Outreach Project (B.W.O.P.), a page I set up with free translations of “Buffalo Dogs,” the first story in the Amazing Conroy series. Among other languages, it’s available there in Finnish!

There’s also a nifty “flag counter” at the bottom of the page that keeps track of visitors by nation, so if you’re reading this post and you’re outside the USA please drop in and either add your flag or increment your country’s total. Thanks!

Final (and I really mean it) LoneStarCon3 Schedule

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I’ve received confirmation from programming with regard to my participation in Strolling with the Stars. I’ll be strolling on both Thursday and Monday mornings. But because someone screwed up, you won’t see my name listed among the “stars” in the pocket program for those days, as this had already gone to press. I’m told the correction will make it into the program app, the online listing, and the pink sheets. And if you’re reading this here, then you know too.

I’m also very pleased to see that the online version now lists locations, which will make actually showing up for events (both panelists and audience members) much easier. And with that now resolved, here at last is my complete schedule for Lone Star Con 3!

Thursday, August 29th:
9:00 – 10:00 p.m. | Rivercenter Lobby| Stroll with the Stars.
Possibly the only exercise many of us will get all weekend. Come walk and talk (it will be just like an episode of “West Wing”).
with Bobbie DuFault, Phil Foglio, Liz Gorinsky, Hagrid, Jason M. Hough, Stina Leicht, C. J. Mills, Steven Silver, and Catherynne M. Valente.

6:00 – 8:00 p.m. | | Private reception for James Gunn and many of his students.
Shhh… it’s private. Seriously, I’m very happy to get to be a part of honoring this fine writer and teacher.

Friday, August 30th
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. | | Annual Codex Breakfast
Several dozen writers “on the hungry edge of speculative fiction” sate their appetites with breakfast as online acquaintances meet face to face for the first time, and old friends reunite. Also pancakes.

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. | Convention Center | Autographing
I’ll sign most anyting (well… not a blank check), so come on by!
alongside Carol Berg, Lillian Stewart Carl, and Ian Tregillis.

2:00 – 3:00 p.m. | 006B Convention Center | Klingon Language Lecture
For more than 20 years I’ve been promoting the warriors’ tongue around the globe. For WorldCon I’ll present an intense (but fun!) whirlwind through the workings of the galaxy’s fastest growing language. Prepare yourself for 90% of Klingon grammar in a mere 50 minutes!
Just me.

Saturday, August 31st
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. | 008B Convention Center | SFWA Meeting
It’s been a wild year for SFWA, and I’m sure this will be a “lively” business meeting. It is also the 1st meeting for new president Steven Gould. Show up on time and maybe we’ll even finish on time.

3:00 – 4:00 p.m.| 007B Convention Center | First Contact in 3..2..1.. (M)
If First Contact were to happen today, and was an open event, how would the human race react? Would we feel inferior, or just try to steal their technology? Might we even attack them? What is the probability of them being hostile, curious, invading, tourists, game hunters, refugees, or would be gods?
with Liz Argall, Cenk Gokce, and Jeffrey Shanks.

5:30 – 6:00 p.m.| 002B Convention Center | Reading
Author readings are one of my favorite bits of programming to attend, and also to perform. I’ll likely read from my new novella, “Trial of the Century” (Conroy fans, take note!)

Sunday, September 1st
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm | Exhibit A – Art Show | Art Show Docent Tour for Klingons
A tour through select pieces of the art show which I feel speak to both the warrior’s heart and the poet’s soul of your typical Klingon. Portions of the tour *will* be in Klingon, but translations will be available as needed. Please do not bring your bat’leth, as it tends to upset the art show staff.

1:00 – 3:00 pm | Conference 4 Rivercenter | Writers’ Workshop – Section Q
In the spirit of “paying it forward,” two professional authors serve up insightful critique to three junior writers. Not a spectator sport, but an important part of the my annual Worldcon experience.
I’m privileged to be working with Matthew Johnson. I’m leaving off the names of the three writers we’ve been assigned, to better facilitate their stalking of me.

500 – 6:00 p.m.| 007B Convention Center | First Contact Without a Universal Translator (M)
How do we establish a common conceptual base to communicate with another species? Sure, we have numbers and the hydrogen atom in common, but how far would that get us in a world of beings who share none of our sensory apparatus?
with Paige E. Ewing and Karl Schroeder.

8:00 p.m. – ??? | | Hugo Awards Ceremony
The voting members of the Worldcon hand out shiny golden rocket ships in a ceremony that’s almost guaranteed to run long. Place your bets early for who will win.

Monday, September 2nd
9:00 – 10:00 p.m. | Rivercenter Lobby| Stroll with the Stars.
The con is almost over, but let’s take one more stroll together, shall we?
with David Boop, James L. Cambias, Bobbie DuFault, Gini Koch, Trina Marie Phillips, Jessica Reisman, Shanna Swendson, Howard Tayler, Toni Weisskopf, and Mel White.

12:00 – 1:00 pm | Exhb A Convention Center | Literary Beer
You have to buy your own beer (and I’ll be drinking Diet Coke), but sign up and come by. We can rehash the convention and I’ll tell you all sorts of lies.

That ought to be enough to keep me busy, especially when you add in the evening parties, the dinners that Valerie is planning, and the handful of panels and readings I’m hoping to attend. There should even be room for a couple business meetings (what you call “lunch”).

Barry will be with me throughout the convention, and there will also be at least two (maybe more?) skilled and beautiful buffalito wranglers wandering around with their own plush buffalitos. Feel free to stop any of us for a postcard that will allow you to download a free copy of the latest Conroy story, “Trial of the Century,” a novella which takes place between the end of the first novel and the start of the second. Did I mention it was free?

That’s it. You’ve got a week to pack. Get to it!

Who doesn’t love fan mail?

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So yesterday I received a nice bit of fan mail (okay, fan email, but hey, it’s the 21st century, right?) comparing the reading of Buffalito Destiny to a good meal that you want to draw out as long as possible.

Thanks. A very gratifying thing to receive, particularly when I’ve got a long weekend of editing ahead of me.

BUFFALITO CONTINGENCY eBook is now available!

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Buffalito Contingency

I am very pleased to be able to report that at long last the electronic version of the second volume in the Adventures of the Amazing Conroy, also known as the novel Buffalito Contingency, has gone live.

Those among you who do your reading on any of the various Kindle type devices can acquire the mobi version of the novel by clicking this link to Amazon. And if you read your ebooks on any of the dozens of other devices that are ePub friendly, you can download that format by following this link to Barnes & Noble. In both cases, the cost is only three bucks.

One other point to make: while the print versions of this book were published by Hadley Rille Books, the electronic versions come to you via Paper Golem LLC. And as such, if you’ve already purchased a paper copy, you can get free copy of the ebook by following the directions at the Paper Golem website.

Thanks, and happy reading!

BUFFALITO CONTINGENCY – Coming soon to ebook!

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Buffalito Contingency

Last week, a few hours before I headed off to the glory that was Lunacon, my proof reader came through with the marked copy of my second novel, Buffalito Contingency. Let us all pause a moment and give thanks to the quick eye and keen mind that is Elektra Hammond. Anyway, as a result, I am now hard at work going through her recommended changes so that I can render the thing in ePub and mobi formats for your electronic enjoyment.

It’s been a couple years since I’ve read the book, and scenes that I’d completely forgotten about are leaping out at me and making me smile.

Given that it will surely be several days (if not a week or more) before the ebook version becomes available, here’s a snippet from near the end of Chapter Six: No Home Like Space to whet your appetite:

          “Did you just board, sweetling?” said the Wolly. “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. And I know I’ve only seen one of your kind ever. By the way, my name’s Theodarast.”
          “I’ve met many of his kind,” said one of the Ersommerey. “One time, I was stuck in a lift room with five of them. They were very standoffish, but that could have just been because of the situation. No one likes being stranded in a box that could fall and kill you just for stepping out to get a quick tipple or snack.”
          “I was buried alive with nine of them while on a desert excursion,” said the other Ersommerey. “They didn’t care for sand at all. Do you? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Mil and this is my husband Kel. We’re on our way to Sekestri.”
          “No you’re not,” said the Ninst. “This vessel doesn’t go to Sekestri. Where are you going, newcomer?”
         With a nod to the Wolly I said, “My name is Conroy and I boarded earlier today. I’m not sure what my final destination is to be. Mostly I just needed to leave Leftril. I’m working my passage as an entertainer. My first show is this evening. I hope you’ll all attend.”
          “What kind of entertainment?” asked Mil. “The last time we were on a cruise, they had a fellow who was his own father, and set some of the guests on fire, and then ate them.”
          “Never happened,” said the Ninst. “Kel, can’t you make her stop?”
          “Rara is right, dear. That never happened. That fellow was his own grandfather, and he didn’t actually eat the guests, he just promised they’d be on the menu the next day.”
          “I was with you both on your last cruise,” insisted the Ninst. “That never happened.”
          “You were asleep,” said Kel.
          “Fast asleep,” said Mil. “Snored so loud everyone on our corridor thought the ship had been hulled by stray debris.”
          “Don’t mind them,” said Theodarast, patting my arm with a hand that was nearly as large a small pony. “They’re like this every meal. I find it anchors me to listen to them, and prepares me for whatever wonders and miracles may await. But do tell us what sorts of entertainment we can expect from you. And when and where.”

And there you have it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

Theoretical Lunacon 2013 Schedule

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If you’re attending Lunacon this weekend (i.e., tomorrow) you may already be aware that programming has not yet gone out to the participants. This will doubtless make for all sorts of “fun” at the convention.

That’s the bad news. The good news is word has gotten out that individual participants can go online to the same database questionnaire they filled out to become panelists, and find their schedules waiting for them.

Assuming that the schedule there is correct, here’s what I think I’m doing at the con this weekend:

Friday, March 15th:
20:00 – 21:00 | Grand Ballroom ? |Meet the Pros
 This wasn’t actually on my schedule, but I’m going to assume there will be such an event, and that I’ll show up for it.

Saturday, March 16th
10:00 – 10:30 | Bartell | Reading
 Start your Saturday off by listening to me read from my Nebula Award nominated novella “Barry’s Tale.”

11:00 – 12:00 | Oak | So You Want To Create & Sell an Ebook (M)
 Neil Clarke and I talk about the tools, techniques, and best practices involved in creating and distributing ebooks. WARNING: It’s extremely likely this panel has been canceled and/or removed from my schedule.

1:00 – 2:00 | Poplar | Less Sh*tty Second Drafts (M)
 Russ Colchamiro, Laura Anne Gilman, Michael A. Ventrella, C.E. Lawrence and I will discuss how authors figure out what’s not working in a manuscript and what might be likely to fix it.

2:00 – 3:00 | Poplar | Finding a Needle in the Slushpile (M)
 Despite the somewhat unspecific title, this panel is actually supposed to be about finding the gold amidst the dross of self-published fiction. It’s a thankless task and I will have April Grey, Neal Levin, Mike McPhail, and Andrew Porter grumbling along with me.

Sunday, March 17th
10:00 – 11:00 | Westchester Assembly | Autographing
 Please bring me something to sign as I hang out with Tim Rodriguez and James Daniel Ross.

11:00 – 12:00 | Poplar | Generic Alien Language Panel (M)
 Walter Stutzman, Ariel Cinii, and I will start with the basic question of how to represent alien language in fiction and jump off from there on related issues in language, linguistics, and philology.

12:00 – 1:00 | Birch | Hugo Worthy Fiction
 Lisa Padol, Byron P. Connell, Alex Shvartsman and I blow smoke about what we think will make the final ballot (assuming it hasn’t been announced by this time).

My shoulder-riding plushie, Barry, has once again been given no programming. First the college of cardinals slight him, and now this. Nonetheless, he will be in attendance in his role as the convention’s unofficial, eponymous, Nebula nominee. Mind you, he doesn’t know what any of those words mean.

Hugo Nomination Deadline! What are you waiting for?

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There’s a bit over 24 hours left before the window closes for submitting nominations for this year’s Hugo (and Campbell) Awards.

Depending on how cynical you are, you can see this reminder as one of two things.

It could be a selfless public service announcement exhorting you to participate in the process, because seriously, while the number of Worldcon members who vote has increased significantly in the last few years (due in no small part I suspect to the success of the electronic packet of free books that is worth several times the cost of a membership), far fewer people bother to involve themselves in the nomination process. This is your chance to help shape what we will all look back on as the Hugo-winners, so please take the time to let your voice be heard.


Oh, wait, I said this post could be two things, didn’t I? Well, the other thing would be yet another shameless reminder that my novella, “Barry’s Tale” is eligible for nomination. You may have heard of it, it’s already been nominated for the Nebula Award. And, as you know, Bob, the infinite worlds hypothesis assures us that there exists (or will exist) a future in which my novella wins both awards and I get to walk around insufferably with a big lucite bookend and a shiny metal rocket. All the while Barry (that’s him in the photo) rides triumphantly on my shoulder, chortling like a very satisfied plushie. But to guide us toward that one shining future amidst all the myriad realities, I would need your nominational help.

Yeah… I’m going to officially say I’m posting this because of the first reason. Really. Of course, that infinite worlds things also means there’s a place where the second reason holds sway. But that’s not this reality, right?

Best Fan Writer Hugo Nomination? Moi?

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It has been brought to my attention that there are some people out there in the world (and by “world” I of course mean the population of genre fans and pros who are responsible for all that’s good and just) who, due to my weekly blog feature, Eating Authors, insist that I am eligible, and should be considered for, nomination in the Best Fan Writer category for this year’s Hugo Awards.

My reaction was, “Huh!”

To elaborate: while I would certainly not turn down such a nomination, and would be exceedingly chuffed to receive it, there is no doubt in my mind that folks can do much better than to put my name on such a list.

Those of you who aren’t as stunned by the notion as I was, thank you for your kind thoughts. I’m flattered, honored, and all those other emotions associated with people who typically have far less ego than me. Truly.

But speaking of ego, if you’re still enamored of my blog series, take that good will in hand and carry it over to the Novella section of the Hugo nomination ballot. There’s a spot there where my name (and the title “Barry’s Tale”) might actually have a shot. Maybe. If bunches of other people die (horribly or otherwise, and no, I have nothing to do with it if it happens, just sayin’).