Why I’m voting for Helsinki, Finland

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There is a lot of discussion going on throughout the science fiction and fantasy community regarding the upcoming vote to determine what city will win the opportunity to host the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention.

You can find plenty of people (both involved in the bids and not) who will offer you a range of reasons, justifications, and explanations for why to choose one site over the other.

The one piece that I’ve not seen elsewhere is a particular comment about language. Simply, I’d like to hear some Finnish.

I know, I know, that’s not a very compelling reason, and sure, I live in a major US city and could doubtless find someone here to take to lunch and chat with in that language.

But that’s not it. I want to talk to them in the language we share, the language of science fiction. Finnish is just gravy on top of that, and while both Spokane and Orlando have their charms, they lack that gravy.

So, Finland, I hope I get the excuse to come see you soon. And in the meantime, I want to return the favor. Here’a link to the Buffalito World Outreach Project (B.W.O.P.), a page I set up with free translations of “Buffalo Dogs,” the first story in the Amazing Conroy series. Among other languages, it’s available there in Finnish!

There’s also a nifty “flag counter” at the bottom of the page that keeps track of visitors by nation, so if you’re reading this post and you’re outside the USA please drop in and either add your flag or increment your country’s total. Thanks!

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