Loscon 2014 Schedule (three days out)

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As I write this, I’m relaxing in a hotel in Laguna Woods, California. I arrived yesterday, and I’ll be here through Thanksgiving. On Friday morning I’ll drive back toward LAX and drop off my rental car, but instead of flying home I will check into the nearby Marriott and pick up my badge as a panelist for Loscon 41.

I reached out to them a bit late, but they very graciously found a few things for me to do. Come find me at the following:

Saturday, November 29th
5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. | Atlanta | You Did What?
A panel in which each panelist starts a story and ends by dumping the next panelist into it!
with Kenn Bates, Buzz Dixon, Neo Edmund, Todd McCaffrey, Jerry Pournelle, Martin Young, and me!

Sunday, November 30th
1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. | Saint Louis | – A Shot Rang Out
Improvised storytelling under pressure of time and madness. See us invent stories and characters too bizarre for fiction just so we can set up random lines the audience picked for us.
Sarah Adams, Buzz Dixon, Todd McCaffrey, David Miller, Larry Niven, True Thomas, Martin Young, and me!

Barry’s staying at home for this trip, but I will have copies of the new Amazing Conroy novel with me.

Eating Authors: Sunny Moraine

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Sunny Moraine

And lo, after a week off, EATING AUTHORS is back. Again, apologies for the hiatus, but as nearly all authors know, deadlines, like rules, are made to be broken, and that’s pretty much what happened here. But that’s all in the past and we’re all about the future (except when we’re doing alternate history) so let’s move forward.

Our guest this week is small press author Sunny Moraine, who learned her craft by writing erotica before turning her hand to science fiction and fantasy. Which is not to say she’s turned her back on writing erotica, as her new novel, Labyrinthian (due out in January) so clearly demonstrates.

If you’re not familiar with her work, you might want to begin with Crowflight, the first volume in her Casting the Bones fantasy trilogy, or delve into some compelling nonfiction (she’s finishing her doctorate in Sociology) in her essay collection A Brief History of the Future. But before you click on any of those links, take a moment to learn about her most memorable meal.

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Eating Authors: Hiatus

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I’m very pleased to be able to write that this weekly blog feature, EATING AUTHORS, has been going nonstop since its first episode way back on June 6th, 2011.

There have been a lot of guests, and a lot of meals. Don’t worry, this isn’t a farewell post. There are plenty of authors out there whom we haven’t eaten yet, and I’m waiting on hearing back from several of them for future episodes. But for right now, the cupboard is bare. That, and the minor details that my November is chock full. In addition to delivering a novel to Tor Books, I’m appearing at three conventions (one down, two to go), and traveling to the west coast to spend some time with family. So, for at least today (and maybe even next Monday), you’ll have to manage without EATING AUTHORS.

But I’m not going to leave you empty-handed.

First, because I’ve been doing this for so long, there’s quite an impressive archive of past meals to peruse. Here’s a link that will let you wander back in time and bask in the memory of meals past.

And if that’s not enough, let me direct you to another, similarly themed blog series, one that is run by my friend, colleague, and “Tor-buddy,” the talented Fran Wilde. Fran’s series is called “Cooking the Books,” and it’s where she talks to authors about food and their books. Follow this link to her latest installment and read her interview with Robin Hobb. Fran’s own first novel, Updraft, comes out from Tor in 2015, and with a little arm-twisting I’ll get her here on this blog to talk about her own most memorable meal.

Philcon 2014 Schedule (six days out)

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As I write this, Philcon, the world’s longest running SF convention, is a mere six days away. And today, a little before 2pm, I received my schedule. The lead time is less than ideal, but we’ve all seen worse in past years and other cons, and besides there’s no point grousing. Instead, let’s talk about where you can find me and what I’ll be doing next weekend!

Friday, November 21st
9:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. | Party Floor (room to be determined) | Launch Party
Barbara E. Hill, the force behind NobleFusion Press, is throwing a launch party for the release of my new Amazing Conroy novella, “Calendrical Regression.” You should come by.

Saturday, November 22nd

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | Autograph Table | Signing
I’ll be sitting alongside Howard Wilson, handing out postcards for a free novella, signing such things as you bring me, and yammering with whoever comes by.

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.| Executive Suite 623 | Reading
In a reprise of last year’s phenomenal event, I’ll be sharing a reading slot with the brilliant Fran Wilde. And please, no flash photography (seriously!)

9:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. | Party Floor (same as last night) | San Marino in 2019 Worldcon Bid Party
Why settle for a city when you can have an entire country? That’s right, the most serene republic of San Marino is the site of a Worldcon bid and this is the first party. Support the bid and come away with a free ebook!

Sunday, November 23rd
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | Crystal Ballroom Two | – Language, Thought, and Understanding
Science fiction stories that address language and linguistics include Embassytown and Babel 17, among many others. Language is obviously going to be a crucial factor when contacting an alien species, and all kinds of interesting questions come up, such as, could there be alien languages that could never be understood by humans (or vice versa) and how much does language shape thought/psychology (and vice versa)
with Rebecca Robare, Bernie Mojzes, Mark Mandel, and me wearing my friendly moderator hat.

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. | Plaza II | – Creating Believable Aliens
How Does a Writer create convincing extraterrestrial characters who are not just humans with funny make-up, but are clearly the product of a different environment and evolutionary history? How do you show an alien that can think as well as a man, but differently.
with Steve Miller (mod), Jack McDevitt, Tom Purdom, James L. Cambias and me.

And if that’s not enough for you, Barry will also be around (when he’s not sleeping) to pose for photographs with you.

Eating Authors: Angelia Sparrow

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Angelia Sparrow

November is — to say the least — a turbulent month. Lots of you are banging your keyboards (or even your heads) to the beat of NaNoWriMo. Others are preparing for that annual American feast and family therapy day of Thanksgiving. And some are also hitting conventions. As for me, I just returned home from the first of three conventions this month, and I’m already wondering if I’ll be able to keep up the pace.

But the internet plugs along regardless of human frailty and weakness, and so too does the EATING AUTHOR blog feature. This week, we’re joined by Angelia Sparrow, an author who is most known for GLBT romance across a variety of genres. That’s not the sort of thing that we normally feature in this blog, and when I asked Angelia about it she explained that she writes books with strong sexual content because life has strong sexual content. She certainly has a point.

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Eating Authors: Danny Birt

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Danny Birt

Danny is one of those people who wears a lot of hats (something I can certainly relate to). In addition to his work as an author, he’s also a composer, a music therapist, and a massage therapist. Or to put it another way, he has more than words on a page to reach his audience. Still, our focus here is on authors, and Danny is likely best known for his Laurian Pentology, the volumes of which I secretly believe were titled to confuse the crap out of readers. Case in point, the first book is Ending An Ending. Wait, what? Book two is Beginning. Okay… Book three, Beginning An Ending, which is followed by Ending, and finally we come to the fifth book, released just last spring, Beginning a Beginning. Admit it, you want him dead now, right?

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Eating Authors: Douglas Smith

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Douglas Smith

Halloween is just around the calendrical corner, that night when the border between worlds is at its thinnest and denizens from the other side cross over. Sadly, that’s the best segue I could come up with by way of introducing today’s EATING AUTHOR guest, Douglas Smith, who has crossed Canada’s less-than-spooky-border to be here.

Doug writes both non-fiction and fiction, novels and short stories. He’s a three-time winner of Canada’s Prix Aurora Award and been nominated for it nineteen times! He’s also been a finalist for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, as well as several other nifty prizes, including the John W. Campbell Award.

In the non-fiction realm, he recently released Playing the Short Game, which may just be the definitive handbook for selling short genre fiction. And in a related bit of ‘paying it forward’, Doug is the keeper of the fabled, Foreign Market List, the best place I know to check out where to send a short story when you’re looking to see your work in another language. And if you have any doubts about trusting the list, let’s just note that Doug’s own work has appeared in twenty-five languages and thirty countries.

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Eating Authors: Anna Kashina

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Anna Kashina

One of the things I like about writers is how everything in their lives influences the work and shoes up (consciously or otherwise) in their fiction. Is it any wonder then that I prefer reading authors with full-blown careers in their histories, a range of educational experiences, and backgrounds in alternate cultures and languages?

All of which is my way of seguing to this week’s EATING AUTHORS guest, Anna Kashina, who has a doctorate in cell biology and a day job at the PENN”s School of Veterinary Medicine. Anna was born in Moscow, coming over to the USA in 1994. In addition to more recent work in English, she’s published novels in both Russian and German. Her latest book is The Guild of Assassins, the second volume in her Majat Code series.

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