B.W.O.P. Update – Catalan, Finnish, Polish, and (Mexican) Spanish now available as free mobi & ePub files

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As you know, Bob, the Buffalito World Outreach Project (BWOP) is my attempt to use science fiction to reach the entire planet, spreading the first tale of the Amazing Conroy and his buffalo dog, Reggie, to speakers of as many languages as I can.

Toward that end, it gives me great pleasure to announce that shiny, new and improved, and free downloads are now available in both ePub and mobi formats for the following languages: Catalan, Finnish, Polish, and (Mexican) Spanish.

Gossos bufal Puhvelikoirat
Gossos bufal : (mobi) | (ePub) Puhvelikoirat : (mobi) | (ePub)
Pieski buffalito Perros bufalo
Pieski buffalito : (mobi) | (ePub) Perros bufalo : (mobi) | (ePub)

Freebie Friday – January 2, 2015 – “Cat Futures”

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Cat Futures

I’m not sure if I’ll remember (or have the time) to do this every month, but if it happens that I do, I’ll make available a new ebook short on the first Friday of each month. It will show up on my website’s Freebies Page.

I’m starting the year with “Cat Futures,” originally published back in 2005 in the long gone online zine, The Town Drunk. As I mention in the story’s introduction, every author has to write a cat story sooner or later, and this was mine. I hope you like it.

Solstice 2014: Celebrate Short Fiction Day

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Author, Photographer, and all-around selfless person, Sally Wiener Grotta, brought this to my attention, and now I’m bringing it to yours:

Please join us in marking today, December 21st (or as it’s known in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice), as Celebrate Short Fiction Day.

Nancy Christie, the founder of Celebrate Short Fiction Day, says, “The winter solstice marks both the start of winter and the shortest day of the year. So why not take advantage of the long winter night to curl up with a good short story?”

Seriously, like you needed an excuse?

All over the Internet, authors and small presses are making samples of their short fiction available to you for free today. Here’s a link to the freebies from Sally’s Pixel Hall Press, and here’s a link to an updated (i.e., better ebook code than the last version) of a short story over on my Freebie Page.

Please help spread the word, and the fiction!

New Freebie: “Bugjuice”

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In honor of the changing of the season, elsewhere on the website I’ve revamped the Freebies Page, complete with a new policy for the ebook shorts that will show up there.

To celebrate you’ll find the electronic debut of “Bugjuice,” a story first published in 2000 in Jeffrey Dwight’s Age of Wonders from SFF net. I hope you like it.

Psst! Click the cover image at right to go to the Freebies Page.

“Buffalo Dogs” now available in the Mexican idiom

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I keep forgetting to mention it, but there’s a new addition over on the B.W.O.P. page.

Mexican Spanish

Professional translator Sabina Trigueros has very kindly provided a second Spanish version of “Buffalo Dogs,” this one in the Mexican (as opposed to the continental) idiom.

And yes, that is very cool!

Buffalito Winter Freebie!

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You know, it’s been a while since I posted a Freebie. Time to rectify that.

If you head over to the Freebies section of my website (, you’ll find a new addition, a PDF of a recently published short story entitled “Yesterday’s Taste.”

This is a Conroy and Reggie story that I wrote for Colin Harvey. He was putting together Transtories, an anthology for Aeon Press in Ireland, and asked me to send him something. The gimmick of the anthology was to base some aspect of the story on a word that began with “trans.” It seemed like a fun challenge, and the result was “Yesterday’s Taste. Colin accepted the story less than 24 hours after I emailed it to him. Tragically, Colin died of a stroke in the summer of 2011, two and a half months before the book’s release.

I’m very fond of the story, and I hope you like it.

“The Moment” – dead link situation

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Unbeknownst to me, the old links to downloadable copies of my Hugo-nominated short story, “The Moment,” did not survive the changeover of this site to its current WordPress incarnation.

My sincere apologies to anybody who has gone to any of the dead URLs seeking a copy of the story. I wish someone had alerted me to this problem sooner. I’ll talk to my WebMaster about either restoring or redirecting those links, but in the meantime, you can download the story here: “The Moment”

Happy International Polar Bear Day, 2011

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Seriously, that’s what today is.

The only reason I know this is because several years ago I was participating in a competition being held by the online writing community Codex, and one of the story requirements was to mention a holiday that occurred in February.

Naturally I went online to search for obscure holidays, hoping I’d find one that might prompt a story idea in my head. I discovered February 27th, aka International Polar Bear Day, and the result was a short story entitled “Mars Needs Baby Seals.”

A while after that, I sold the story to Eric Reynolds at Hadley Rille Books for the anthology Destination: Future, which came out on February 24th of last year (I know, I know, if only it had been delayed three more days, alas!).

“Mars Needs Baby Seals” is very silly. It was a lot of fun to write, and has the best title of anything I’ve done.

It’s also eligible for the Hugo Award this year. Mind you, it will probably never make onto the nominations ballot, but it is eligible. I just thought you should know.

I also wanted to encourage you to celebrate International Polar Bear Day. To help you to do that, I’m giving you a copy of the story.

Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

This story is released under a Creative Commons, Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license.
Follow the link if you’re not sure what that means.