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So it’s decided…

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My sincere thanks to everyone who responded to my query regarding tablets.

After much deliberation, I went ahead and ordered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, secure in the knowledge that something shinier will be coming around the corner a month after I get it, and that I’ll be trading up to something _even shinier_ a couple years down the line.

I’m thinking about buying a tablet…

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I’ve been buying Apple since the days of the old Apple ][+. And yes, I own an iPad. But… it’s not the tablet that I want.

I want something smaller, not simply lighter, but easier to carry around, something I can slip into my vest pocket, something that I can hold effortlessly in one hand.

At the same time, I want a device that will allow me to expand its memory, either with a USB port, or an SD card slot, or the micro-version of one of these things.

And so, I’m looking now at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. But before I commit and order the thing, I thought I’d ask around out here on the great internet Overmind, and inquire what your experiences have been.

Any thoughts?

7.0 Plus