July 2023 Sale!

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“Put down the buffalo dog and step away from the bar!”

That simple sentence set in motion a universe. And not just any universe, no, the Conroyverse!

The Conroyverse is a sampler containing the short story that started the entire fictional universe as well as the first novels from each of the three series that share that common, alien-rich setting. It’s a taste — appropriate given the emphasis on food across the books — of what awaits you in the ongoing adventures and humorous romps of each series.


Buffalito Destiny – The Amazing Conroy is a stage hypnotist working third-rate venues on alien worlds, gets talked into being a courier of an Arconi buffalito — an adorable alien creature that can eat anything and farts oxygen. If he can avoid being executed for smuggling, his world will be forever changed.

Ace of Corpses – Angela Colson only appears to be a seemingly ordinary Humann teenager, but she’s actually a mutant variant from a race of teleporting aliens who have hidden in plain sight for millennia. They don’t believe she can keep their secret. If she doesn’t convince them otherwise, they’ll resolve the problem by putting her to death!

Slice of Entropy – Melody Wilder just needs to complete her doctorate and life will be perfect. But the downside of a university on a space station orbiting Neptune is that an assortment of aliens keeps showing up, imposing their own agendas on her, with no concern for her dissertation on sentient, non-Human memory.

Hypnosis, Teleportation, and Alien Academia, Oh My!

From July 9th to the 15th, you can pick it up for just 99¢ (and 99p in the UK), a nice savings over the regular ebook price of $8.99.

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