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June 2023 Sale!

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Melody Wilder just needs to complete her dissertation and life will be perfect. Alas, that’s not going to happen.

She hasn’t picked a topic yet, her undergraduate loans have been “un-forgiven” with a vengeance, the university is about to strip her of her stipend, her job, and her apartment, and a pirate-priest minotaur is systematically destroying her hopes and dreams.

Meanwhile, alien bear cub physicists are trying to extradite her best friend on charges of violating the laws of conservation of matter every time he makes a pizza!

And things are just getting started.

Slice of Entropy

From now through Saturday, June 17th, my novel Slice of Entropy (Book One in my PIZZA IN SPACE series) will be on sale for a mere 99¢ in the U.S. and 99p in the U.K. via an Amazon Countdown Deal.

Alas, Amazon only has countdown deals in those two countries. I think that sucks. So I have manually gone in and altered the price of the book to the lowest allowable dollar amount at every other Amazon site in the world!

So, c’mon Australia, show me some love in return. Germany, I’m looking at you, too. Canada, I don’t know why Amazon hates you, but I don’t (I’m coming to visit next month). Mexico, this is your moment.

Call to action:
Buy the Book! If you’ve already done that, Post a Review! Failing that, please tell a friend about the sale.

Calling Australia, Canada, and India!

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Most months I’ll put a book on sale for a week and share the specifics via my newsletter (and hey, maybe you should subscribe so you don’t have to read about these things on my website).

I manage this using a tool called the Amazon Countdown. Currently, these countdowns are only available in the US and the UK. Everyone else is just out of luck. This annoys me. It’s like Amazon doesn’t want me to give readers in other countries a break. How do they expect me to further my plans for World Domination™?

This month I am fighting back. In an effort to reach more readers in other English-speaking countries, from March 5th through the 11th I’ll be manually reducing the price of my three book sampler Conroyverse in Australia, Canada, and India.

For the span of this one week, the normal prices — $11.99 in Australia / $9.99 in Canada / ₹449 in India — will drop to $3.99, $2.99, and ₹99, respectively. If this manages to spread word of the Amazing Conroy, Angela (Gel) Colson, and Melody Wilder to even a handful of readers in other parts of the world, I’ll consider this effort a success.

ReDeus: Divine Tales

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ReDeus: Divine Tales

On June 19th, Bob Greenberger sent me an email inviting me to join in an exciting new project that he had whipped up with Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile, and Paul Kupperberg. They were creating a shared universe called ReDeus. The premise was breathtaking: At the opening of the Olympic Games on July 27th, 2012, the gods of myth and legend – all of them, Zeus and Odin and Anu and Cernunnos and Abeguwo and and Yu-huang and Osiris and Ilmatar and Shiva and Kukulcan, seriously, all of them! – come back. Got that? Okay, now jump forward twenty years, and write a story in the world that has been transformed.

There was just one catch: they wanted to launch the book at Shore Leave, which meant the deadline for submissions was July 10th.

Okay, in my case, there was another catch: There was a minor snafu and I didn’t get the email.

Well, that’s not quite true. I did get it eventually, a week later. That made it a bit tougher, but the premise was so cool, and the people working on the project were folks I’d known for year but had never worked with, so even though I was in the midst of reading slush for the Cucurbital 3 anthology I put that on hold for a few days and wrote a story.

And I must have done all right because it’s been accepted and will be appearing in the anthology, coming your way on August 3rd.

I’ll have more to say about my story in a future post here, but for now, let’s all just gaze at this incredible cover by Anton Kokarev, shall we? Yes, let’s shall.


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I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve sold a brand new Amazing Conroy story. “Yesterday’s Taste” occurs before the events in either of the two novels, and involves Conroy (and Reggie) visiting the planet Bwill at the behest of a galactically famous food critic. Once there they encounter incredible meals, smelly aliens, mindwiping, explosions, industrial spying, fish poetry (?!), and much more, all in pursuit of the recipe for the legendary seven cheese cribble puff!

It’s good, clean, hypnotic fun, and if you’re a fan of the Amazing Conroy you will not be disappointed by this new tale. But, you will have a wait a bit. The anthology, Transtories, edited by Colin Harvey, won’t be released from Aeon Press until the Fall.

For the record, this counts as one of the faster acceptances I’ve ever had. I turned the finished story in via email at about 10pm on March 31st, and Colin sent me an email acceptance on the morning of April 3rd. Thanks, Colin!