I’m thinking about buying a tablet…

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I’ve been buying Apple since the days of the old Apple ][+. And yes, I own an iPad. But… it’s not the tablet that I want.

I want something smaller, not simply lighter, but easier to carry around, something I can slip into my vest pocket, something that I can hold effortlessly in one hand.

At the same time, I want a device that will allow me to expand its memory, either with a USB port, or an SD card slot, or the micro-version of one of these things.

And so, I’m looking now at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. But before I commit and order the thing, I thought I’d ask around out here on the great internet Overmind, and inquire what your experiences have been.

Any thoughts?

7.0 Plus


8 comments “I’m thinking about buying a tablet…”

The more recent Galaxy Tabs have a solid reputation by now. The 10.1 does not have an SD card slot, but the link you provided shows that this one does… Good luck with whatever you decide on.

The recent Samsung Thrive has an SD card slot and a micro USB port. Unfortunately, it’s a 10.1 inch machine. I’m looking for something smaller.

I have friends who like the Galaxy Tab, but all the buzz right now is on the Kindle Fire. Have you considered that approach? It would certainly be an affordable experiment.

I do all my ebook reading in ePub format, not mobi or Kindle. I don’t want to support a device that supports DRM.

And too, buzz aside, I’ve been hearing more about the Kindle Fire’s shortcomings than its positive features.

I can certainly see the value to staying away from DRM. I actually popped back here to point out that today’s Woot.com deal is a 7-inch Android tablet with an SD slot! At $70, it seems worth an experiment.

Thanks! I checked out the woot.com deal. It’s certainly a good price (though it is a refurbished machine).

But… it’s running the 2.2 OS, which has serious problems relative to the newer stuff, and much more limited options. Other criticisms of that particular machine abound.

As I mentioned in a post elsewhere, I took all the feedback I’d been receiving and finally made a decision and ordered the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. I’ll keep the readership posted on how it goes.

Oh hey, you replied to my comment! Your site didn’t send me an e-mail. Is it supposed to? If not, maybe you should keep comments over on LiveJournal instead of here.

Something is going on with the widget that posts to LJ from my blog. I have the option to allow comments on LJ checked, but it’s not going through. Weird.

I’m up in Toronto and will actually get to meet up with my webmaster (for the first time) so maybe I can ask her to look into it.

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