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Last Saturday’s visit to DC delighted! The performance of Richard III had a techno-urban twist to it (machine-pistols will do that, I suppose) which oddly worked quite well. Afterwards, back at the hotel, Marc Okrand came by for drinks and then we were off to a Tapas restaurant that was running a special menu with a couple dozen different small plates and the option of paying a flat price and having as many of as many of them as you wanted. We all indulged. It was very Yum.

On the way back, the weather had warmed up from the 20’s and a light freezing rain pelted us. I don’t mind the freezing temps, but the dampness got into me and gifted me with a cold. The drive back on Sunday was unremarkable, but I was getting cloggy by the time we arrived and went straight to bed, which is pretty much where I stayed until Wednesday night, thereby missing several days of work.

Meanwhile, first readers were devouring the MS of Buffalito Contingency, finding little bits here and there for me to address (which I began doing on Wednesday and will finish up with this weekend).

Thursday I did an interview with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal regarding the Klingon production of A Christmas Carol. The reporter was going to go to the show yesterday (Friday), and I believe he met up with Marc Okrand there — Marc had mentioned at dinner last Saturday that he was going to be in Chicago on his to California and stopping in for the play — and we’re both mentioned in his article.

Friday I sent in some Klingon bits for an author doing a story for a forthcoming work from Pocket Books. That was fine and always nice to be able to do for a fellow writer. It was also the first day all week I got any exercise, going off to Pilates in the afternoon; the instructor thoroughly kicked my ass. Um, yay?

Today was house-cleaning day (as in, the house cleaner is coming, but we have to put everything away first, so she can clean), followed by errands to the post office and the bank, followed by a visit to my favorite Chinese Buffett where I finished reading Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother — which I highly recommend, by the way, and should do a separate post for. I’m still a little sub-par health-wise, and of course as I started feeling better Valerie took over the ailment and is now in congestion blah-land.

I anticipate sending the final MS off to my publisher as a Xmas gift, and then getting back to some seriously overdue projects for Paper Golem during the last week of the year. Also, I hope to lay in the first two weeks of a daily Klingon podcast I intend to start up in the new year.

And now you’re all caught up to date.

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5 comments “The past week”

Hello Dr. Schoen,

I was very glad to hear that the next Conroy book will be headed to your publisher soon. I just finished reading “Buffalito Destiny,” and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It kept me guessing at every step, and it never took itself too seriously. I’m looking forward to the next installment!

Recently, I reached out to you at Paper Golem, expressing interest in publishing some of your short stories in audiobook format. I’m still very interested in exploring options with you. Is there any chance that we might be able to discuss the possiblities?

Thank you for your consideration.

Thanks, William. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your email, though I hope you’ll understand that it was because of working on Buffalito Contingency and not because I was ignoring you.

I’ve recently started releasing some audio rights for various Creative Commons recordings, and I’ve enjoyed the results.

We should definitely discuss the possibilities. I’m intrigued to learn which of my work has caught your interest.

Thank you for the quick reply, and I understand completely that the novel takes priority.

In terms of which works, I was recently reading from the “Sweet Potato Pie” collection. I liked the stories with young main characters, like “Sweet Potato Pie,” “The Amulet of Winter,” and “Golem Summer.” I also liked the more serious stories like “Candeloro’s Magic,” and “The Game of Leaf and Smile.”

But, once I started “Buffalito Destiny,” I was hooked. I felt a connection with the character Conroy, and it’s in my sweet spot in terms of age and attitude. Perhaps you would consider a collection of the five Amazing Conroy stories that lead up to “Buffalito Destiny.”

But, let’s talk live if possible. By any chance are you available the morning of 12/24? I’m not at my day job that day and won’t be traveling until the afternoon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Pilates instructor kicked your butt? Sounds more like a foof than a yay!

Yes and no. It’s a good thing that the Pilates instructor kicks my butt, whether or not i can appreciate it at the time.

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