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Assorted social media updates – August 1, 2014

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Sleep. It’s an elusive thing. Which is why I’ve been awake since 4am. It’s also why, for lack of a better thing to do, you’re getting this update of my social media. Seriously? Yeah.

Even more disturbing, I’m going to give you the changescores from three months back (you’ll see them in parentheses after the current numbers):

Followers – 102 (100)
Friends – 2112 (2083)

Fans – 64 (63)
Friends – 1562 (1558)
2014 Reading Challenge 36 (18) out of 50

Tweets 3563 (3367)
Follow – 80 (76)
Followers – 547 (522)

Streak – none (60)
Italian – Level 13 (10)

Okay, that might just be boring enough that I can try to go back to sleep now. Thanks.

Assorted social media updates

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It occurred to me that I might want to have a frame of reference for some of this information somewhere in the future. And so, here we go:

I have 100 Followers and 2083 Friends on Facebook.

I have 63 Fans and 1558 Friends on Goodreads. I have read 18 out of my 50 books for this year’s challenge (placing me 2 books ahead of schedule).

I have 522 Followers on Twitter, Follow 76 others, and have made 3367 Tweets.

I am on a 60 Day Streak and have just passed Level 10 in Italian on Duolingo.

What should you do with this? Hell if I know. But here it is.

A Stupid Reason for a Kickstarter

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Schoen Drive, Lawrence, IN

The town of Lawrence, Indiana, lies about twelve miles south south-east of Indianapolis. In this town there is a short, curling street, a single block in length: Schoen Dr.

If I owned a home on that street I would be Dr. Lawrence Schoen living on Schoen Dr. in Lawrence, IN.

Many of the houses on this street sell in the $40-60K range. Many are in foreclosure.

Clearly I must acquire a house on this street, if for no other reason than to confound the post office with my mailing address.

I don’t know what I’d do with such a home (I live in eastern PA, after all), but that’s not the point. Nor does it matter that I don’t have a spare sixty grand laying around (I already looked under the mattress — no luck). Surely this is what Kickstarter exists for, right? Right?

This is a stupid idea wrapped around a stupid idea. Which means… it could actually work.

Please talk me out of this.