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Saturday Morning Stuff

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Got up at 5:30 this morning to finish packing and hit the road. After a stop for her FA meeting, Valerie and I are heading down to DC for a weekend getaway! We’ll be catching the Washington Shakespeare Company’s performance of Richard III this afternoon, followed by a delightful dinner with our friend Marc Okrand.

Gej meanwhile will be enjoying the attention of our house sitter, and doubtless planning all sorts of evil payback for our deserting him like this. Maybe next time we’ll take him with.

At the moment (while Valerie is at her meeting) I’m sitting in a McDonalds tapping into their wifi and trying out my new iPad. So far it’s pretty damn spiffy! I just downloaded Documents-To-Go and have begun some work on a new novel. Look at me, so productive.

Wait, what’s that you say? A new novel? Why, yes, yes that’s correct. Because yesterday I finished my edits on BUFFALITO CONTINGENCY!

Valerie will be reading through it (on the iPad, naturally) during the drive down to DC to help catch typos and to let me know if I’ve missed anything. Otherwise the plan is to send it off to the publisher next week. Happy Days!