Hadley Rille Books 5 Year Celebration

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Hadley Rille Books is celebrating five years in the business. They’ve added the ability to order directly from their website and they’re offering reduced prices and free shipping. Also, every book ordered puts you in the running for a free Kindle!

HRB 5K RunnerIt’s no secret that I’m a big fan of HRB and its publisher Eric Reynolds. I’ve had stories in five of their anthologies, and been a judge for a sixth. HRB published my first novel, will be publishing the sequel, and this year released a collection of my short fantasy work.

I’ve worked with Eric not just as my publisher and editor, but also as a fellow small press publisher. At a time when the industry seems to be going crazier than usual, when other small presses are collapsing and failing, it is a great pleasure to see Eric’s efforts succeed and his business continue to prosper.


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