Eating Authors: Karen Lord (Campbell Award nominee)

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Karen Lord

Welcome to the third of this year’s Campbell Award Nominee Eating Author segments. This is your opportunity to learn a little bit more about one of the people who could be walking away with a fancy prize in just a few months’ time.

Our guest is Karen Lord who comes to us in her second year of eligibility for the Campbell. She’s probably best known for her novel, Redemption in Indigo, which isn’t surprising when you consider that it won the William L. Crawford Award as well as the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature. If that wasn’t enough, it also garnered a nomination for the World Fantasy Award.

Her latest work, The Best of All Possible Worlds, comes out next February from Del Rey (but you can beat the rush by pre-ordering a copy now).

LMS: Welcome Karen. Tell me if you would, what’s your most memorable meal?

KL: A old schoolmate of mine often invites friends over for food and conversation around a bonfire (I’m usually the designated firestarter). One night, about two years ago, she made lamb stew from home-reared black belly sheep. So delicious! That sheep clearly had good forage and a pleasant, peaceful life. We roasted sweet potato and breadfruit in the firepit (few things taste as good as breadfruit roasted whole then split open and heavily buttered). There was wine, I think … malbec, maybe merlot. There were other dishes no doubt, perhaps rice, likely even dessert, but the lamb outshone them all.

Redemption in Indigo
Redemption in Indigo

We sat around the fire under the moon and the stars and ate, and for about an hour the only words we spoke were to compliment the chef and ask for more. Usually we talk about everything and anything, but the succulent, flavourful meat and perfectly balanced seasonings focused all brain power on the tastebuds. This meal combined the best elements of five star restaurants and camping out: top notch food and wine plus al fresco dining, an open fire, and pure relaxation with good friends.

Thanks, Karen. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying breadfruit before, but now I know the proper way to prepare it (and who to call when I need someone to start the fire).

Next Monday: Another Campbell Nominee and another meal!


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