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Christian Klaver

It should come as no surprise that the guests here at EATING AUTHORS fall into one of three categories: 1) writers I personally know and can merrily harangue until they send me a few hundred words about a meal; 2) writers I don’t know, but who strike me as approachable enough (and hey, why else do I have that SFWA Membership Directory, right?); and 3) writers I don’t know but have recently met at a convention and figure, what the heck, let’s give it a shot!

Today’s guest, Christian Klaver, falls into that last category. Our pre-destined meeting occurred last January when I was in Detroit for that year’s incarnation of ConFusion, and the gods of programming put us on a panel together. I had a great time, and Christian was part of what made it great, so naturally I reached out to him, and though it’s taken awhile for our respective schedules to mess, here he is!

Christian has been writing his own take on Sherlock Holmes, and represents the first author I’ve had on this feature (at least to my knowledge) to publish and market his work via Amazon Digital Services, Inc. It takes a lot of chutzpah (what the Klingons would call butlh) to write such a beloved character as Holmes, let alone throw Dracula into the mix, but that’s just what he does. Chutzpah, and a good breakfast.

LMS: Welcome, Christian. What stands out for you as your most memorable meal?

CK: I almost wrote up another sushi entry for your blog, as I adore it and my friends, family and I have often descended on the local sushi places like slightly better-mannered locusts. Also, my first encounter with the sushi-go-rounds in Japan was pretty phenomenal. There’s a steakhouse nearby (Westland Charhouse) that my wife and I like that has a killer mushroom ravioli, too.

But anyone that knows me knows that I adore a huge breakfast more than anything. Calories be damned and roll out the sausage and hashbrowns! Phillip Marlowe never worried about the calories, did he? The best part is that breakfast is pretty easy to make, so there are a bunch of places that make awesome breakfast. (Bob Evans, anyone?) However, my favorites always happened at home.

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Innsmouth Whaler
Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula: The Adventure of the Solitary Grave
Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Lustrous Pearl

A Sunday morning Big Breakfast along with morning cartoons became a huge tradition with me and my daughter. I got hooked on the Batman cartoon before she could walk, and after she got older we both got hooked on Justice League in a huge way. (Still the best Batman, book or film.) By the time she was ten or so, the Breakfast tradition was going strong. Now, she sometimes comes home from college just for that. Eggs scrambled or made into a swiss and spinach omelet. (Sometimes both, since Katie likes just eggs and I dig the omelet action.) Diced redskin potatoes for hashbrowns, which Katie usually helps to chop, done up in the big wok with olive oil, lots of salt and pepper. Side of peppers and onions with the same. Biscuits in the cast-iron skillet heating up and sausage patties going on the stove, yum! Even better, making it at home means it comes with better coffee and OJ with lots of pulp. Someday we’ll learn to stop making twice as much as we can eat, but so far there’s no sign of that happening.

Pick an Justice League episode at random when everything’s ready. Good times.

Thanks, Christian. You may have just come up with one of the best reasons to have kids: an excuse to watch weekend cartoons.

Next Monday: Another author and another meal!



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