What I’m Doing This Weekend – Memorial Day 2011 Edition

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Usually, I’d be at a convention right about now, settling in with every intention to linger with friends for the next several days. I’d do a few panels, sign a few books, maybe do a reading. It would be high energy fun.

This year is different. I’m still here at home, and I’m working on a novel. It’s a YA novel that I’ve had kicking around in my head for a few years. It’s been sitting in a box for a while, and it’s time to apply some of the tools that I acquired last summer while up in Taos. I’ve spent the morning re-reading what I’ve got, deciding what I like, what needs to be thrown out, what needs to be added. I’m feeling very encouraged, though I won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting on it until Sunday.

Instead, tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be driving down to Baltimore and meet up with a friend for dinner. I’ve been wanting to have a long chat with him for months and months, and we keep missing one another. He’s at Balticon, so that’s where I’m going to meet up with him, but I’m not actually doing Balticon this year. Still, if you want to see me, I’ll likely be arriving in mid-afternon. My plan is to drop off some of my new postcards on the Freebie Table, and then hole up in the bar until dinner time. After dinner I’ll probably return and hang in the bar a while. Then, as long as I’ve made the trip, hit some of the evening parties. After that, I’ll drive home.

Sunday and Monday I’ll be going back to work on the YA novel.

I’m probably just as curious as you (okay, maybe more) to see what I have come Tuesday morning.

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