Three Things Make A Post (Because I’m Not Sleeping)

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I’ve recorded the last two episodes of DaHjaj Hol, the daily Klingon podcast that I’ve been doing since January 1st. They’ll go out into the world at dawn today and tomorrow.

It’s been an interesting experience, creating a snippet of Klingon every day for a year. I have no idea how large an audience I reached, or if they’ll continue to be used as a resource by people interested in the language (the entire series will remain available via this website).

For 2012 I think I’ll continue to post a Klingon podcast, but the format is likely to change to only once a week, and the content will probably be aimed more at an intermediate level. But nothing’s definite yet, it’s all in flux.

In other news, since I’m awake, I started thinking about conventions, and realized that I hadn’t yet booked my hotel for my first event of 2012. Happily, the fine folks at Lunacon made that very easy with their website links, and I’m now all set.

If you’re not acquainted with this convention, I would encourage you to check it out (and not just because I was their GoH last year). It’s an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable convention, the programming is always entertaining, the hotel grounds are gorgeous, and I always have a wonderful time.

I’m particularly glad to be heading back this year because the artist GoH is none other than Howard Tayler, the multi-Hugo nominated creator of Schlock Mercenary and one quarter of the podcast Writing Excuses. I love Howard like a brother, and I never get to see him enough (not that I expect to manage much time with him at Lunacon, as he’ll be busy doing that whole GoH thing).

This year it looks like there will be several other Hadley Rille authors present, and we’re trying to coax the programming team to give us a slot. No guarantees, but I’m hopeful. In any case, I hope to see you at Lunacon; it’s great fun!

My wife and I have no major plans for New Year’s Eve (in case you were wondering), other than a quiet night here at home. I generally avoid traveling on the last night of the year; in my experience there are just too many people on the road with a bit too much alcohol in their systems. Thanks, but we hit our drama quotient for the year and are not looking for any last minute additions.

If your own plans take you out and about, please keep yourselves safe. If you do feel the need/desire to imbibe, designate a driver for your group and treat this person well.

A lot of folk like to make various resolutions for the new year, things they’ll try to do better in the coming months, but I’ve never understood the appeal. As that little green guy said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” That said, I have quite a bit that I intend to do in 2012. I could tell you about it now, but this post has already run on too long, and besides, why spoil the surprises?

Anyway… it’s now 4am. I think maybe I’ll try and grab another hour or two of sleep. Wish me luck!

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