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On the drive home from my weekly observance of Chinese food, I suddenly knew how the entire Amazing Conroy saga (the start of which is only hinted at at the very end of the last novel) gets resolved.

Or, to put it another way, I know what happens to tie off all of the pieces in an incredibly satisfying way a bit over half a million words from now.

Of course, that’s five or six Conroyverse books away (five in the series, and a related side book, or maybe two), so, you probably won’t get to see the result until around the year 2020.

Which, now that I think about it, makes Buffalito Hindsight a decent working title for the final book.

What I can tell you right here and now though is that everything that’s ever happened to Conroy feeds into that final book. All the supporting characters come back, all the old plot points factor in, and of course, Conroy saves the galaxy!


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