Remembering Runyon

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The Sky's The Limit

I meant to do this a couple days ago, but… Life.

So, I’ll do it today instead. Tuesday (i.e., two days ago) marked the anniversary of the death of Damon Runyon, newspaperman, short story author, and (as I recently learned) one of the architects of modern roller derby.

Runyon wrote about New York’s Broadway. He died in New York, but he was born in Manhattan, Kansas (i.e., the “little Apple”).

When I was in high school, the drama department put on a production of Guys & Dolls, and I’ve had his characters’ voices running around in my head ever since. Eventually, this led me to write a pastiche, “The Sky’s The Limit,” which was published in All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories.

I recently installed a “Contact Me” option on my website. As my way of paying respect to Damon Runyon, if you “contact me” in this way and include your email address and the format you need (ePub or mobi), I will send you an ebook of the story. The offer expires Sunday night, December 15th.

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What a wonderful way to pay tribute! 

I would like an ebook of your story. Kindle (mobi) format, please.

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