Now Available for Kindle: BUFFALITO DESTINY!

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Buffalito Destiny

In 2009 Hadley Rille Books published my first novel, Buffalito Destiny, making it available in both Trade Paperback and Hardcover editions.

Beginning today, my own small press, Paper Golem, has made it available for the Kindle, and it only costs three dollars!

Seriously, a mere three bucks. No more excuses. Plus today’s my half-birthday, so… yeah, that means you should get a copy, right?

You can click this link and you’ll be whisked instantly to Amazon where you can buy a copy (and I encourage you to use that link as I’ll get a bit extra, courtesy of Amazon’s Affiliation program).

But also, because the ebook is being published via Paper Golem, it’s covered by our FREE EBOOK policy. Specifically, if you’ve already bought the book in “dead tree” format, Paper Golem will send you the ebook version (either mobi or ePub format) at no cost. Check out this link for the details.

And a special shout out to Elektra Hammond for her efforts improving the readability of the ebook!

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7 comments “Now Available for Kindle: BUFFALITO DESTINY!”

I wandered over from Schlock Mercenary and read Barry’s Tale, liked it and went looking for the start of the series. Clicked on the link to Amazon to order the e-book, and was disturbed to find that it wasn’t available. I stopped buying paper books 5+ years ago when I took about 25 boxes of books to a used bookstore – seriously disappointing resale value, btw. I was searching your site for an e-mail address and was mentally composing snarky dialogue like “what kind of sf author doesn’t sell their books in e-book format?” when I ran across this post on your blog. So, you came through just in time to puncture my snark. (I’m sure that really pleases you. 🙂

Amazon has yet to link the Kindle and dead-tree versions together on their site. (Barnes and Noble hasn’t, yet, either.) Great price-point, btw. Looking forward to reading the whole series.

Hi, Joel. Thanks for reading “Barry’s Tale,” and for stopping over here to share a bit.

In addition to being an author, I’m also a small press publisher. I only recently started making the books from Paper Golem available as ebooks (and I’m working backwards through the inventory, with several more to go). Like you, I’ve made the move away from paper books (though I’ll still buy hardbacks of friends’ books).

The first Amazing Conroy novel turned ebook on December 26th. The second one is currently in the hands of a proof-reader, but I’m hoping it will be available by early February. The this book is the collection, Buffalito Buffet, from which that novella is taken. It will follow after the others. So, you’ll either have to buy some dead-trees or wait a little bit for the ebooks.

However, you may have noticed that Paper Golem ebooks have the policy that if you do buy the paper editions, we’ll send you the ebook for free! So, if you find you can’t wait for me to catch up go ahead and get the paper, and then you can hit me up for the books when they do become available and pass the physical books on to some friend you want to infect with an appreciation for the Amazing Conroy.

Did you see what I did there? 🙂

Oh, man…just hit the first page with your “A Few Words About Piracy”. Can I just say, “Amen!” Worrying about book piracy has been sheer idiocy for years now. Eric Flint was writing articles 7-8 years ago about how having his books available for free has upped his sales. Personally, I have a HUGE file of SF/Fantasy books I’ve downloaded from the internet. Whenever I run across a new author being mentioned as particularly good, I go first to that file and if it has any of their books in it, I read them first. And then I go and buy their latest books. I’ve spent enormous amounts of money on books that I never would have if not for that file introducing me to authors.

Nice to see another author publicly embracing sanity.

It’s all about coming from a position of Abundance or Scarcity, as Corey Doctorow might say. Are you going to worry about the sales you might not getting because a book gets pirated, or do you want to focus on the extra sales you might get because more people are seeing your words?

Of course, it’s easier to line up on the side of Abundance when you have a long list of books for people to glom onto and potentially buy. I’m not quite there yet, with only four books out, and only one of these has made it to ebook yet.

On the other hand, later today I’ll be uploading half a dozen short stories to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. So, maybe that will help. Would you drop a buck for a short story for your Kindle or other e-reader?

“Would you drop a buck for a short story for your Kindle or other e-reader?”

From an author I’m familiar with and like? Yes. For an unknown, probably not, because I don’t tend to seek out shorts over novel-length.

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