Novelocity – Which authors have left you wanting more?

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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a member of Novelocity, an authors’ consortium that regularly posts topics for discussion.

Our current question is Which authors have left you wanting more?

Here’s how I answered:

This is a brutal question, but I’m going to break into two parts. I’d have liked more of Burroughs’s planetary adventure novels; I’d trade ten later Tarzan novels for another visit to Amtor or Barsoom, and twenty of them for a sequel to Beyond the Farthest Star. I want an Alfred Bester novel that takes on the SF trope of Time Travel the way he brilliantly defined the genre’s take on Telepathy and Teleportation and Immortality in his other works. I’d like to discover a manuscript in a trunk in New Mexico with a sequel to Zelazny’s Jack of Shadows and find out if Morningstar reached Jack in time, and what happened after. I desperately wish my friend Jay had more time, and could give us the third volume from his City Imperishable trilogy.

Those are the books I don’t imagine getting, but there are others that I might. I want to read Walter Jon Williams’s third book in his Metropolitan series, if only a major publisher will come along and pay him to write it. I want to begin reading a long series of books about the next generation of Vorkosigans. I want another book form China Mieville like Perdido Street Station that pummeled me with its sheer brilliance and creativity, or Embassytown that felt like he was writing directly to me. And I’m sure I’m not alone wishing that Ursula Le Guin would take us back to the world of The Left Hand of Darkness, because surely we need it here in this 21st century we’re living in.

If you’d like to see how others in our little group responded, just head on over to Novelocity for “part one” of the answer. The second part posts later in the week.


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