Chicon 7 Hugo Nomination Deadline

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For any of you who:

* have an attending or supporting Chicon 7 membership, and/or
* had an attending or supporting Renovation membership, and/or
* have an attending or supporting LoneStar 3 membership:

This is to remind you that the deadline for submitting your Nomination Ballot for the Hugos is fast approaching.

Specifically, it’s next Sunday, March 11, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. PDT

To vote online, go to https://chicon.org/hugo/nominate.php. You’ll need your seven digit PIN.

And now that we’ve got that covered, let’s shift from Public Service Announcement to Self-Serving Reminder. I am eligible in the following Hugo Award categories:

Buffalito Contingency by Lawrence M. Schoen

“Yesterday’s Taste” by Lawrence M. Schoen

Soft Kitty in Klingon” by Lawrence M. Schoen

DaHjaj Hol: A Daily Klingon Language Podcast by Lawrence M. Schoen


The novel and short story are two of the most popular categories. Both my eligible works involve my continuing character the Amazing Conroy. My odds are slim at best, no matter how good the fiction is (and I’m very proud of both works).

The other categories, right or wrong, are likely to receive far few votes. Best Fancast in particular will probably be light, as it’s brand new this year, and is in fact a one-shot. Many people will simply fail to nominate in these categories, or leave one or more of their five nomination slots blank. The two items I have up in these categories are both related to Klingon, and I encourage you to fill in those empty slots with a vote to promote more use of constructed languages spoken by imaginary aliens in a distance part of the galaxy several centuries from now.

If I am fortunate enough to land a nomination, I promise to prepare an acceptance speech in Klingon.

If by some greater blow of serendipity I win, I can think of nothing grander than to stand upon the stage in Chicago, the city of my birth, and utter Klingon expletives of joy while waving a shiny rocketship like it were a bat’leth.

Could you ask for better motivation?

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