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Using Hypnotic Mind Control, aka Award Deadlines

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Welcome to March!


I don’t know about you, but I’m expecting it to be a very busy month with lots of crazy things happening involving or resolving what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the year in terms of my day job, my writing, and yes, even my work as a hypnotist. But you don’t have to worry about any of that. No, you’re only job is to watch the pretty spiral for a few minutes.

You see, March is also the month that members of SFWA submit their final ballots for the Nebula Award. And because of my self-serving use of my powers of evil mind control, I’m sitting here with a nomination for Best Novella for “Barry’s Tale.” In addition, the deadline for nominating works for this year’s Hugo Awards is coming up fast on March 10th, and it would be a shame to have gotten the Nebula nom and not have a matching Hugo nom, so…

Just relax, stare at the spiral, open up the appropriate window in your browser, and let your conscious mind drift off into bliss while your unconscious mind does my bidding. That’s right. I would add a maniacal laugh here, but I don’t want to distract you from your trance.

Oh, what the heck, you’re already done voting by now. Bwahahahaha!

Also, thank you.

Hypnotic Updates and a Reminder

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Recently I’ve been spending time (six days, actually) up in New York City taking courses and getting certified in the area of conversational hypnosis. Things went very well, and I’m happy to announce that I am now a certified hypnotherapist!


Not to worry though, I promise to use my powers for good (mostly). In fact, in addition to gaining some added verisimilitude for my fictional tales of the Amazing Conroy, my intention is to develop materials that make use of hypnosis to help writers with the sort of problems we all tend to phase (e.g., motivation, writer’s block, hating the book we’re in the middle of). I’ll be easing into this slowly, but bit by bit you’ll be able find audio files for these sorts of things available for free at www.hypnosis4writers.com.

Mind you, while audio files can be very effective, they pale compared to what hypnosis can accomplish in a more interactive setting. So as 2013 unfolds I expect I’ll be offering sessions for small groups of writers at various conventions. As well as one-on-one appointments, as circumstances allow.

Oh, and as long as I have your attention, this is a good time to remind you of a couple things:


If you’re a member of SFWA (Associate, Active, or Lifetime), the deadline to submit your Nebula nominations is fast approaching.

And given that you’ve been staring at the swirling image on this page (hey, I said “mostly” for good), I should also remind you that my novella, “Barry’s Tale,” published last November in the collection Buffalito Buffet from small press Hadley Rille, is eligible for your consideration. Thanks.

Also, call your mother.

Now, you won’t remember any of this, not consciously. That’s right, you’re going to forget. Even after you finish reading this page, you’ll remember that you’re going to forget. In time, you’ll have forgotten that you remembered to forget, and that’s as it should be, but don’t worry about remembering that, because once you’ve forgotten to remember to forget that you’ve forgotten to remember, it means you’ll have remembered to forget that you’ve remembered what you’d forgotten…

How I’m spending the first snow of 2012

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Actually, the snow isn’t a big deal. I’ve already shoveled and salted the walkway. The stuff in the driveway is only about three inches deep (and I just got new tires two weeks ago!). The roads are fine. So, it should be Saturday as usual, except…

Today’s installment of Saturday Chinese Buffet has been postponed. No, it’s not due to the snow. It’s because I’m on my way to a hypnosis seminar in Philadelphia. I promise to resume eating Chinese food tomorrow.

Now… sleep!

Exploring Hypnosis

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As you know, Bob, I write about hypnosis on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, I’ve done some research on the subject over the years. But, aside from a few minutes at a fraternity party three decades ago, I’ve never been formally hypnotized.

That all changes today!

As part of one of those Groupon/Dealfinder thingies, Valerie recently gifted me with a couple sessions with a hypnotist in Philadelphia. We’ve been corresponding back and forth for the past couple months trying to find a time slot that fits our respective schedules and that time has at last arrived.

I’m very excited to get some firsthand experience of this, and also because this particular hypnotist is a certified trainer, and I’ve toyed with the idea of learning the skills myself for therapeutic purposes, but I’ve always demurred because the timing wasn’t right, or the courses were off in Michigan or something.

Everything may be coming together for this in 2012 though, as this same hypnotist is offering a complimentary seminar in January, and I’m already signed up. Who knows, if all goes well, I may need to invest in a new watch fob!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. One step at a time. For today, I’ll concentrate on trying not to cluck like a chicken.