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As you know, Bob, I write about hypnosis on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, I’ve done some research on the subject over the years. But, aside from a few minutes at a fraternity party three decades ago, I’ve never been formally hypnotized.

That all changes today!

As part of one of those Groupon/Dealfinder thingies, Valerie recently gifted me with a couple sessions with a hypnotist in Philadelphia. We’ve been corresponding back and forth for the past couple months trying to find a time slot that fits our respective schedules and that time has at last arrived.

I’m very excited to get some firsthand experience of this, and also because this particular hypnotist is a certified trainer, and I’ve toyed with the idea of learning the skills myself for therapeutic purposes, but I’ve always demurred because the timing wasn’t right, or the courses were off in Michigan or something.

Everything may be coming together for this in 2012 though, as this same hypnotist is offering a complimentary seminar in January, and I’m already signed up. Who knows, if all goes well, I may need to invest in a new watch fob!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. One step at a time. For today, I’ll concentrate on trying not to cluck like a chicken.


2 comments “Exploring Hypnosis”

I’m looking forward to seeing you progress at this.
I’ve always been curious about it too.

I’ve given and received. Receiving … you can’t describe it, apart from the fact that a good session will leave you feeling as refreshed and energised as if you’d just had a good nap.

Hypnosis requires trust between yourself and the hypnotist. You are exploring parts of your identity that your conscious mind would not normally encounter, and it is often a great achievement to be able to reach to your unconscious mind in this way and feel a rapport with the deepest part of yourself.

Clucking like a chicken is not involved. You’re not going on a stage, I presume.

Just relax, do what the hypnotist asks of you, and you’ll do fine. 🙂

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