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Hello, and welcome. You’re listening to DaHjaj Hol, your daily dose of Klingon language. I’m your host, Lawrence Schoen.

If it’s Wednesday it must be time for another spatial relations noun. Our choice today is joj. J, O, J. joj means the area between. As with other nouns, you can use this all by itself, with the locative suffix –Daq, or even as part of a Noun-Noun phrase. The following examples will illustrate:

joj tIn law’ Dung tIn puS
inbetween is bigger than below

mInDu’ jojDaq vavlI’ vIqIp
I hit your father between the eyes

cha’ wIghpu’ jojDaq qoHpu’ law’ tu’lu’
in the area between two geniuses, one finds many fools


Don’t fall too quickly into the area between things, or you may find yourself unable to climb back out. These topological terms can be very tricky as you’ve already seen. You’ll get the hang of it in time though. All language warriors are also language navigators. qo’mey poSmoH Hol.

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