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Hello, and welcome. You’re listening to DaHjaj Hol, your daily dose of Klingon language. I’m your host, Lawrence Schoen.

Our verb today is tul. T, U, L. tul means hope. No matter how bleak the odds, a true language warrior always has hope that the next word or phrase will solve the problem at hand. Here are a few examples of what to hope for:

pung tul nuch ’ach batlh tul SuvwI’
a coward hopes for mercy but a warrior hopes for honor

machechchugh matulnIS’a’
if we are drunk, do we need to hope?

choHoHpa’ qaHoH ’e’ vItul
I hope I kill you before you kill me


Will you begin using this new verb to comment on what you hope you can say in Klingon, or will you instead become inspired by the concept of hope itself to use more Klingon? Either way, you’ll be opening worlds. qo’mey poSmoH Hol

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