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Hello, and welcome. You’re listening to DaHjaj Hol, your daily dose of Klingon language. I’m your host, Lawrence Schoen.

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve managed to escape my Canadian captors via a dazzling display of verbal suffixes. I’ll be heading home, but before I get there, here’s an assortment of new vocabulary and a practice dialogue between me and my good friend QIb. Ready?

The nouns are:

bel / pleasure

maS / moon

quS / chair

The verbs are:

jegh / surrender

magh / betray

QaH / help

QIb: qatlh jeghta’ / why did he surrender?

’angghal: maSmaj HubmeH nuQaH / so he could help us defend our moon

QIb: ’ach HoD maghba’’a’ / but didn’t he obviously betray the captain?

’angghal: ghobe’ HoD quS tlhap neH / no here merely took the captain’s chair

QIb: qatlh HoD be’nal tlhapbe’ta’ / why didn’t he take the captain’s wife?

’angghal: bel nob quS / the chair gave him pleasure

QIb: maS vIyajlaH ’ach not be’nal vIyaj / I can understand the moon, but I’ll never understand the wife


That’s all there is to it. Six new vocabulary items, and a short practice conversation illustrating how you might use them. Practice this conversation, first one side, than the other. Try swapping out this noun or that verb and see how it feels to transform it into a completely different conversation. Keep at it until you’re comfortable with every line, and remember, qo’mey poSmoH Hol

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