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Hello, and welcome. You’re listening to DaHjaj Hol, your daily dose of Klingon language. I’m your host, Lawrence Schoen.

And so we come at last to the final episode of our prefix summary series. In case you’ve forgotten, for the past five weeks we’ve been review Klingon verb prefixes in subgroups, where all of the prefixes in a given week share the same person and number in the subject but differ with respect to the person and number of the object. Today we finish up with a second person plural subject, which is to say you (or as I’ve also been rendering it, y’all, or youse guys).

When the prefix is Su- the verb has no object.

pIj Subep
y’all frequently whine

When the prefix is tu- the object is first person singular, or me.

youse guys need to defend me

When the prefix is che- the object is first person plural, or us.

you cannot escape us

When the prefix is bo- the object is third person, and can be either singular, such as him, her, or it, or plural, as in them

ghaytan HoDmaj boHoHta’ ‘ach nuHmeymaj botlhaplaHbe’
perhaps you killed our captain, but you cannot take our weapons

That’s it, the last four verb prefixes. Seems a bit anti-climatic, doesn’t it? But do you know them all now? I’m sure you’ve mastered several at least, but even very experienced Klingon speakers often conflate — or outright forget! — one or two at times. That’s probably because they didn’t have a daily podcast reminding them how language opens worlds. You, however, do not have such an excuse. So, you’d better resume your practice. Right now! qo’mey poSmoH Hol.

no object me us you you (pl) him/her/it them
I jI- qa- Sa- vI- vI-
we ma- pI- re- wI- DI-
you bI- cho- ju- Da- Da-
you (pl) Su- tu- che- bo- bo-
he/she/it mu- nu- Du- lI-
they mu- nu- nI- lI- lu-


Today’s podcast is brought to you by the 18th annual summer conference of the Klingon Language Institute (aka the qep’a’ wa’maH chorghDIch) which runs from Sunday morning on August 14th through late evening Tuesday, August 16th. The following day, Wednesday, August 17th, is the official beginning of the 69th annual World Science Fiction Convention, conveniently taking place right there in Reno, Nevada!

Back to the qep’a’: This year, we’ll be splitting the conference into two parts:

Part One will be the usual blend of fellowship, curse warfare, singing, story-telling, and assorted language challenges as we’ve enjoyed for the past seventeen years, and will run from Sunday through Monday. We’ll begin in a meeting room at the Hyatt Place Reno-Tahoe Airport Hotel for Sunday and Monday, and on Tuesday morning we’ll move to larger function space over at Reno’s convention center (courtesy of Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention).

Part Two will begin at noon on Tuesday, and consist of various introductory lessons and explanations intended for newbies, beginners, and visitors dressed in Federation pajamas (or other noncombatants). Klingon grammarians will be on hand to help newcomers (not to be confused with linguistic “fresh meat!”) learn the basics of Klingon and use it to chat, sing, play games, and insult one another.

Full details can be found at http://www.speakklingon.info/

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Sorry, but the first example has broken the rules, and I quote: “bep, means “complain”.

Do not confuse this with vIng, spelled “v”, capital “I”, “ng”.

vIng, means “whine”” This quote is taken from DaHjaj Hol dated May 30, 2011. I know, I’m a smart ass, and one day it’s probably going to end me up on the wrong side of a bat’leth, but hopefully not today.

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