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Hello, and welcome. You’re listening to DaHjaj Hol, your daily dose of Klingon language. I’m your host, Lawrence Schoen.

It’s time once more to open our grammatical refrigerator and see what kind of leftovers we have.

Today’s word is rut. R, U, T. rut means sometimes.

It works just like some similar chuvmey you’ve already seen, such as reH always and not never. A few sample sentences will make this clear to you:

rut mu’mey vIqawbe’
sometimes I don’t remember the words

rut be’nI’lI’ vISuch ‘ach not loDnI’ vISuch
sometimes I visit your sister, but I never visit your brother

reH nov wISuvrup ‘ach rut wIHoHbe’
we’re always ready to fight aliens, but sometimes we don’t kill them

rut jI’ojDI’ vIychorgh vItlhutlh ‘ach nIm vImaS
sometimes when I’m thirsty, I drink fruit juice, but I prefer milk

I’m wondering just how far you’ll go with Klingon. You’ve already done the most difficult part, taken the biggest step. Sometimes it’s hard to see that, which is why I bring it up. Conceptually speaking, all the heavy-lifting is behind you. Now it’s just a matter of building your vocabulary, sticking with it, thinking about it, using it on a regular basis. One way to think about language is that it’s the lens through which we see the world. Different language, different lenses. The closer the languages, the closer the world views. This even applies to constructed languages. The lens you’re building with Klingon gives you a very different view. Yet another reason I say qo’mey poSmoH Hol, language opens worlds.


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2 comments “DaHjaj Hol 110216 #tlhIngan #tlh”

I do believe that the second sample sentence should be:

rut be’nI’lI’ vISuch ‘ach not loDnI’lI’ vISuch
. The error seems to exist both in the written post and the podcast recording.

Argh. You’ve found another glitch, norghloS.

But is it the glitch you think?

It could be that I’m missing that extra -lI’ (as you’ve supplied in your comment), OR it might simply be that the translation is wrong, and should actually be:

sometimes I visit your sister, but I never visit the brother

Nyah, you’re right. I screwed up on this one and left off the -lI’.

DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI’ ghu’

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