DaHjaj Hol 110106 #tlhIngan #tlh

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Welcome to the sixth installment of DaHjaj Hol, a daily bit of Klingon language, to help you get comfortable with the warriors’ tongue. Today is Suffix Day, and it’s going to be glorious!

Give a listen, and let me know what you think.

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-lIj / -lI’ is a Type 4 noun suffix meaning your

mojaq is a noun that means suffix
jabwI’ is a noun that means waiter (literally, one who serves food)


2 comments “DaHjaj Hol 110106 #tlhIngan #tlh”

Thanks for this great podcast. I’ve subscribed with iTunes, but came for a visit to see if you’d posted any text to go with it and, sure enough, there it is.

Much appreciated!

That’s the new plan, to post vocabulary with the individual blog entry.

Thanks for listening!

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