Stross is Toast!

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I’m currently reading Charles Stross’s collection, Toast. As far as I can tell, the book originally came out in a paperback  edition back in 2002 from Cosmos books. At that time it had the subtitle “And Other Rusted Futures.” Cosmos put out an expanded version of the book (and dropped the subtitle) in 2005. I don’t tend to buy paperbacks, so I’ve been waiting for years for Wyrm Publishing to come out with the deluxe, hardcover edition (which they did!), and now I have it in my grubby hands.

And it’s an interesting read (I’m about 80% through it). The ideas fly faster and with less polish than Stross’s more recent works. He’s having a lot of fun though, and that pleasure comes through. It’s older stuff, but you can see how the wit of  Saturn’s Children or the brilliance of Accelerando is brewing on a back burner. I like being able to do that, and if you’re a fan of Charles Stross then I suspect you will too.

TOAST by Charles Stross


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