Relaunching the Amazing Conroy

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Three Conroy Covers

Last week, specifically on Monday, June 15th, the relaunch of my AMAZING CONROY series began with the release of “Buffalo Dogs,” the short story that started it all. It’s completely free, no strings attached. And it’s available in both mobi (Kindle) and epub (pretty much everyone else) formats.

The rest of the series (at present) consists of a short story collection, four novellas (each a Nebula Award finalist), and two novels.

One of those novellas, Barry’s Tale, is also available for free when you sign up for my newsletter.

I’m happy to announce that yesterday, Monday, June 22nd, was the release of the new short story collection Buffalito Bundle. Full disclosure: many of the stories in this collection were last seen in the previous (and now out-of-print) collection Buffalito Buffet. The new collection also includes a brand new short story, “Mind Din,” which fans have been awaiting for some time. You can get a copy at Amazon by clicking here.

I hope you’re loving the new covers as much as I am, as well as the timeline material which comes with each title. The next book should come out on August 1st, and then four more, one every four weeks.

The best advertising is always readers telling their friends, so if you enjoy the adventures of Conroy and Reggie please spread the word far and wide (and a 5-star review on Amazon wouldn’t hurt either).

If all goes as planned, once the relaunch is finished, I’ll start releasing a series of short novels in the spin-off series featuring Angela (Gel) Colson.

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2 comments “Relaunching the Amazing Conroy”

I was recommended Barsk #1 after off-handedly mentioning to a friend that I really missed good xenofiction (by way of a monologue about the merits of the Quintaglio Ascencion series in a speculative biology forum). Barsk was fantastic, and I eagerly found The Moons of Barsk to be another treat. So, now finally interested in the author specifically, The Amazing Conroy also seemed like an interesting dabble in alien cultures, if only to see if it’s not vague mush of cliche Rubber Forehead Aliens and Planets of Hats, to quote the tropes.

But now to the point, if the idea is for the series to be sampled for free with Buffalo Dogs, it’d be nice if a reader wasn’t obliged to jump through registering to new websites or being obligated to download computer software (looking at Kobo) or insert credit card details to download a *free* short story. I get that you’re probably trying to track your reader base, but I gotta say, after trying about four of the epub options, and them asking for way more information than I want to share, I’m going to have to give Amazing Conroy a hard pass.

Just pin the epub or pdf version to your post if you want people to sample a free chapter/short. If Peter Watts can do it for Blindsight ( aliens with no sense of self and retrovirus-made human vampires ahoy!) then you can too.

It all depends on where you went to get it.

Lately, “Buffalo Dogs” has been offered up on various BookFunnel promos, and yes, typically there you’re required to subscribe to my newsletter to get the file.

But it’s also been available for a simple and easy download for free on my website since July! http://www.lawrencemschoen.com/schoen-freebies/

As for the hoop-jumping of having to download software, I don’t know anything about that. Ugh. What a pain.

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