Delighting in Brust

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Today began strangely, with a light snow falling and me waking up feeling a bit under the weather. I can’t account for the former, but the latter was likely influenced by my getting caught in a bit of cold rain last night.

I opted to take a sick day from the DayJob, and spent part of the morning sorting through the pile of unopened mail that had been accumulating. The highlight of this excavation was a copy of Steven Brust’s latest Vlad Taltos novel, Tiassa. I’d read a short, spoiler-free review of it over on Tor.com yesterday, and I’ve been delving into the book itself this morning. It’s delightful. Brust is deceptive. He’s so good with the wisecracking dialogue of his narrator that it’s easy to overlook just what a careful storyteller he is.

If you’ve never read the Taltos books (or the other books in his Dragaera universe), then you’ve got quite a treat ahead of you. Not only are they well worth your time, but there are quite a few of them! The current novel is the thirteenth in this series (of a planned nineteen!), and in addition there are five other books that comprise the Khaavren Romances (as well as another book, Brokedown Palace, which is a standalone novel that I’ve never read).

Go forth, thou, on this dreary Friday, and read some Brust!

Steven Brust's TIASSA


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