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The fine folk at Macmillan Audio have kindly given me permission to link you to the first chapter of the audio book version of my novel, Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard. It’s performed by actor and director J. G. Hertzler, well known for his raspy voice and famous for portraying a certain Klingon general (and Chancellor!) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

You can click the words audio book in the paragraph above to open the recording in a new window, or simply click on the Play button in the Soundcloud window below. And if after listening to the amazing job J.G. does reading that first chapter, you find yourself possessed of an irresistable need to purchase the whoel thing, here are links for audio, hardcover, and kindle versions. Enjoy!


3 comments “BARSK audio preview”

Just bought. Love the voice and the story start!!

Lovely voice. Good writing.

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